April 10, 2014


Today's the big day! Mr. T's gallery, Two-Tone, is having its grand opening! I'm so excited for my husband. 8} I'll be curious to see the state of the gallery in one year, when this is published. Maybe we'll be making a profit? lol! I know it's not quite the tattoo shop he was originally hoping for, but I think this might be even better for him. There is a huge interest in it - everyone seems to have been waiting on something like this to happen. So hopefully people will buy some art! Side story: He had these leftover pieces of wood from constructing pallet walls to hang the art on - they're little triangles. I told him I was going to paint them and stick some googly eyes on them, sell them for a couple bucks. AND THEN BE THE MOST PROLIFIC ARTIST AT THE GALLERY. I won't make a lot of money...but I'll have the highest number of sales. 8} Mwahahahaha....

March 25, 2014


Last night the shop was broken into. Woo! Luckily the dude was a total idiot. He only took one thing - a safe. What was in the safe? Receipts. $0. Good work, dude. Plus, when he noticed they had video cameras the genius decided to pour water over the keyboard of the security camera computer, thinking that would somehow destroy the evidence? Mind boggling. He hasn't been caught yet, but the worst he accomplished was Icon needing to replace a window and safe. Could've been a lot worse.

February 12, 2014


Today is new deodorant day! I love new deodorant day. New scent, new me... So much fun!! Goodbye vanilla, hello....ummmm....it's some sort of flowery thing. Smells great, though! Whatever it is.

February 6, 2014


Starting FPU today. Looking forward to a lifestyle shift into spending and saving money wisely!

January 29, 2014


So that happened last night. Derpy Pony tramp stamp. I am so classy, guys. So. Classy.

Anywho, before I got it I was talking to one of my friends - telling him I don't have any "pretty" tattoos like what women usually get. Birds and flowers and music notes...whatever, I don't know. All mine are bizarre - I have Bernard the giraffe, GIR, the two-headed Bambi...a baby dragon...steampunk ribs, and - the most girly - a garter. Oh, and Russell Brand, a lantern, and our wedding ring/heart tattoo. I keep losing track of how many I have. Then I try to count them out by pointing at various body parts...and I  keep forgetting tattoos. I think I only have nine. I've been thinking I have ten, but I think that's wrong now that I've counted like three times. No! It is ten! I kept forgetting about GIR!! omg, why is this so hard??

I have four tattoos on my legs: two-headed Bambie, Smirnoff (baby dragon), garter, and Russell Brand. I have two rib tattoos: steampunk and Bernard (giraffe). GIR is...I guess my inner hip? Heart on my ring finger.  And two on my back: lantern and Derpy Pony.

Fun fact: I didn't realize Derpy Pony was an actual character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic until he started on the tattoo. So...I guess I should start watching the show. >.<

ANYWAY. The point of this story is that after I lamented the fact that I had no "pretty" tattoos (and I don't really have any place to put them) he said "You have the exact tattoos I would expect someone married to Mr. T would have."  8}

I love my husband.