July 8, 2014


It's been like three months since I did one of these. WHOOPS!

Life is great, guys. Loving 2013 so far. About to turn 25! We have two dogs now. Still have two cats. No roommates! It's such a good feeling, guys. SUCH. A. GOOD. FEELING.

Oh! I locked us out of the house last night. Funny story...

We get home from a trip and need to go to Walmart. I grab my keys from the key bowl and remember I had taken my house key off my key chain and put it in my purse. "No biggie - I'll just get my purse out of Mr. T's Jeep before we go." Get to the driveway, reach into the Jeep to grab my purse and it's full of junk from the trip. My wallet is right on top so I'm all "Ehh... I'll just grab my wallet. Don't need all this crap." (Totally forgot about needing a house key.) As I'm about to close the door, Mr. T throws the garage door opener in the Jeep. I grab it back out and hand it to him saying "We shouldn't leave a way to get into our house sitting in an unlocked vehicle right outside our house!" (Again, totally not thinking about my house key.) He hates me. >.< Takes the opener, throws it back in his Jeep and locks the doors. As I'm getting into my car I suddenly realize "Oh crap - now my house key AND the garage door opener are in Mr. T's Jeep!" The Jeep I do not have a key to. And Mr. T's keys are inside the house. We go to Walmart, anyway, because what else can we do? Get back, go around to the back of the house and try the back door. (We sometimes forget to lock it after we let the dogs back in.) Of course it's locked. Mr. T starts trying to pry a screen off when I suddenly say "What if the front door is unlocked?" He just stares at me. "Well why don't you go check it?!" So I scurry around to the front aaaaaand....the front door is unlocked. >.< As I walk to the back door I see him flipping me off through the window. MY BAD. Moral of the story is, we need to hide a key somewhere. And I need to think more good.

Future Mrs. Wilson, if you're reading this right now and you do not have a key hidden somewhere on the property to get into the house if you get locked out - go do it right now. RIGHT NOW.