January 29, 2012

Sunday Movie Review

So I only occasionally do a Friday Tunes, and even more rarely do a Saturday Product Placement...why not throw in another weekend thing that I don't do?? Introducing................SUNDAY MOVIE REVIEW!!!!

This week I'm going to review Limitless.

I give it... 3/5 stars.

Out of the four of of watching it, two (the dudes) really liked it and the other two (the chicks) were like...meh. She just thought it was boring. I had issues with the plot. And not the "there's no way that would happen" issues, like I usually do. The main character was extremely unlikable. The guys disagreed with me on that point.


So he starts out as an "author" who is basically just a failure at life. He has a contract, but hasn't written a word of the novel. His girlfriend dumps him because she's tired of taking care of his sorry butt. Then he runs into his ex-wife's brother who was a low-class drug dealer back when he knew him. Dude gives him this random pill, but swears he's no longer a dealer, this is a legit drug that's approved by the FDA.  So he's like...la la la...okay, I'll take it! And of course goes all voodoo magic with the smarts it gives you, or whatever.

He gets all productive and has sex with a married woman then writes part of his book. The publisher or whoever loves it. Then he panics because the drug wore off and he's back to being a useless human being. So he goes to get more from the ex-brother-in-law and after Dude makes him run some errands he comes back to find him dead. So of course he steals his stash of magic pills. Starts taking them like crazy. Then he has a weird blackout where he can't account for something like 20 hours. And a woman turns up dead.

This man's stalking him, blah blah blah. He gets back with his girlfriend because she thinks he's turned his life around. Ah - but that happened before the blackout night with the murdering and such. So he's cheated on his girlfriend now. He becomes an amazing stock broker. Doesn't care that he's taking mysterious, illegal, and stolen drugs that someone is probably looking for and might notice his amazing nobody-to-somebody story that has amazing timing. (Hint - they are, and they do)

He tries to get off the drug because of the weird blackout thing and starts getting really sick. That's when he finds out if you get off it you die. So he's got this limited supply and he'll die when he runs out. Also, his girlfriend leaves him (again) because he's not really a better person. Some more stuff happens, blah blah blah...

Now it's a few years later and he's running for Senate or something. This man who used to be his boss shows up and is all "Dude, I know how you did this, and I've closed down all your suppliers - you have to obey everything I tell you or I'll cut you off and you die." And then he's all "Dude - I'm freaking brilliant and figured out how to get off the pill and stay this brilliant (and - most importantly - not die)!! I don't need your stupid drugs, so gtfo." And the dude's like "...oh. Well, bye then!" And he goes to eat lunch with *drumroll* the girlfriend.

He never learns a lesson. He never does anything good or helpful, like save a life or stop global warming or something....he just benefits himself. There are no repercussions back on him. Sure his girlfriend left him (twice) - but she came back! (twice) A couple of bodyguards died, but they were just hired goons - who cares?? His ex-wife is basically mentally and physically crippled because of the drug and as far as the movie shows he's done nothing to help her.

AND - you see the teal/orange that is the movie poster? That goes on throughout the entire movie. That is my biggest pet peeve in movies, thanks to the linked article.

I've changed my mind.... 2/5 stars.

January 28, 2012

Probably More Than You Want To Know

I can never remember which words should be capitalized in titles, so my default move is to just capitalize all of them. And that's what I did. Right up there. In the title. In case you don't know what I'm talking about. Which wouldn't be unusual.


Good grief - if you were to count the number of times I've said specific words (excluding silly things like "the" and "of" and..."and"), "anyway" would probably be right at the top. Maybe because I get off topic and ramble? Sometimes? Maybe.


This is the part that is Probably More Than You Want To Know. Just a warning before you read any further. You're welcome. PMTYWTK? Nah, too long. Okay - back on topic. My birth control prescription ran out at the end of December. I thought it would last through January since I got a card in the mail saying I was scheduled for my yearly check up in February. So when I went earlier this month to pick up my pills, I was going to ask when it ran out. Turns out it already had. Huzzah!

I'm planning on switching over BC methods for...well, reasons that are definitely MTYWTK. And because of that, I didn't really want to phone in another prescription. And yes, I'm sure the doctor could have called in a one-month prescription, but do you know who you're dealing with here? Yeah - didn't happen. So we've just been using condoms the past month. My cousin and his wife have been married longer than we have, and that's the only BC they've ever used. And they haven't gotten pregnant. But now one of my single friends is in a bit of a pregnancy scare and it's got me kind of paranoid. To be fair I don't know if she used any form of BC when The Incident occurred (and she might not even be pregnant), but it's still scary. The bright side is I might be to be a god mother! Huzzah!

In other news, I woke up with the sniffles today and it's sad. And I may get popcorn lung from the excessive amount of popcorn I eat.

Here is a cute little... hamster? Mouse? Something...eating some corn. Just because I wanted a picture to show up when I posted this link on Facebook. Logic isn't required here, people!! Also, I'm not sure why they spelled "corn" wrong...it might not have been on purpose.

January 27, 2012

Friday Tunes

You thought I forgot, didn't you?? Silly Internet - I'll never go away!

Here are my "tunes" for today. Which just happens to be....FRIDAY! Garfunkel and Oates are amazing, guys. Go watch all their videos and thank me. By commenting. Please just comment. I'm so lonely. Love meeeee....

Hair! Update

I did it!! I got my hair cut today. You'll have to wait another day to get normal hair shots, because one of the "Future Professionals," or whatever they call themselves, wanted to curl it. So I let them have fun. And it's crazy looking!!! They should pay me to let them have as much fun as they do. :P

Speaking of money, I had $45 worth of "fun money" I had gotten from my mom and N. It was my splurge money that made the haircut okay (it's only $15, but still). I LOST IT! It fell out of my pocket in the salon and we couldn't find it. They checked security cameras and it didn't look like anyone swiped it, but still. They know me pretty well since I've been going there for nearly two years, so they said if it turned up they'd give me a call.

Not that you care about any of that - picture time! I'll post more tomorrow when I've had a shower and tamed the beast that is these curls...


front left

front right

back right

back left

Crazy, right? Don't worry (or unfortunately?) - it will never look like this again.

January 25, 2012

Another Bizarre Dream

Dude. Dreams. amiright? Weird.

Let's see if I can remember all of last night's dream. I mean, it won't be the same to you as it is to me, because I suck at explaining things. But I'll try.

I was with four friends, and we had been invited to hang out with a group of people. It's weird because we didn't think we would know anyone there, but then my friend Moe was there. But we didn't notice him until we were leaving...

So anyway. They were sitting outside at these weird tables that were kind of just tree stumps. And they were in front of those old-school tents like you see in Civil War movies and stuff. Apparently they get together and camp out? And play Bridge? Because that's what they were doing. But none of the four of us knew how to play. We got stuck at a table with this guy who didn't like us, for some reason, so he didn't teach us how to play. Then all of a sudden he's all "I win!" and I got mad and threw a penny at his head, yelling "OF COURSE YOU WON - YOU NEVER TAUGHT US HOW TO PLAY!" Then we left. And that's when I saw Moe and was all - "Hey!"

But we still left.

I'm not sure how I found this out - if it was pictures on FB or some sort of out of body experience or what - but turns out they had a crazy party. Drugs, alcohol, all sorts of naughty stuff. So we missed out on a great time? Maybe? I'm not sure. It was just kind of "this is what happened when you were gone" information.

At some point in time I met Booth from the TV show Bones. It was actually the character and not the actor. And it was actually in an earlier episode, because I was all "Want me to tell you what happens?!?!" And he was freaking out because he didn't want to know. Spoiler: BONES GETS PREGGERS WITH YO BABY!

I was helping these scientists clean up after their lab got...trashed...somehow. They had all these plants they were trying to save, and I was collecting the fish, because the tanks had been broken. There was this one blue one that jumped out of the cup I had put him in and was chasing me across the floor. I was freaking out and telling the scientists about it and they were all "Dude - that's an octopus!" (They may not have said "dude.") But it was totally an octopus! It was tiny and blue and looked like a fish, because its tentacles looked like fins.

Then Mr. T and I went to a rave with another couple. It was crazy and had all these entrances into the main room using pipes and tiny elf doors and stuff. The lady who took our tickets was from the weird Bridge party we had left. She was all "Dude - you missed a great party!" (She probably said "dude.")


When I told Mr. T he said he was worried about our kids. I kindly pointed out I got all our kids in me right now. Gettin' weird from my crazy dreams. Oh, yeah.

January 24, 2012


Okay, all my fans out there - what am I going to do with this hair on my head??

Picture upload time!!!

Okay, so this is how I usually wear my hair. Can you tell it's a Mohawk? NOT FROM THE FRONT! Some might even see I kind of look like a Justin Beiber. Gross.

It's a little more clear from the back. Sorry this picture sucks so hard. I tried like six times and they were all fails. From this angle you still can't really tell it's a Mohawk. By the by - did you know "Mohawk" is supposed to be capitalized? According to Blogger's spell check it is, anyway.


...ANYway - this is if I part it all the way on the side and you look at it from the side and all the stars have aligned. MOHAWK!

So...obviously the sides need to be buzzed. Obviously. The main reason I'm showing you all my lovely face is because I'm also thinking about bringing the shaved bits up more. What I tried (and failed) to do with these pictures is show you how wide the...long?...part of my hair is. It's pretty much the entire top of my head. And as said "long part" gets longer, I'm going to need to part it all over to one side. And with it being as wide as it is...I don't think it's going to work. So I plan on shaving off another....about 1/2 an inch...on each side.

What do you think??


Anya Ayoung-Chee

January 23, 2012

Dreams Be Weird, Yo

So turn off a few parts of your brain and the dream I had last night will be pure genius.

It's a line of stuffed animals, right? And you name them after famous people. Like Oprah. So then, when something bad happens you just blame it on the stuffed animal! Something bad happens....Oprah's fault!

The best part was that the first few minutes I had woken up it still seemed like a really good idea!

Okay, the storm is rolling in. I need to start shutting stuff down so if we all die at least the computer will be okay. or something.

January 12, 2012

First Day

alarm goes off

alarm goes off

alarm goes off

alarm goes off
FINE - check Facebook on phone

Get out of bed.
Take care of pets, shower, get dressed...

How is it already 9:13?!?
Actually start getting ready, panic mode enabled.

Make it out the door in my AWESOME GIRAFFE HAT (pictures later).
Bike to campus like a madwoman, run up four flights of stairs.

In office, collapsing on chair...
Gotta get to CW's class. Which room? Oh, right - first floor.

Standing outside classroom, talking to CW...waiting on professor to open the door.

Professor finally shows up.

Class is over. Go back upstairs.
Bagel time!!

Now what?




Why are there students going into the lab?? It doesn't start until 2:35!!

Start lab.
You think I'm gonna start early?  Pshh...

Lab is over.
zomg - snow!!

mmm....PB&J ftw...

Office hour ends without a single visit (no surprises there).

Wander downstairs to see what's up.

Stop playing Dungeon Defender's in MC's office, go to class.

Panic, because our research topics are due in one week.

7:00pm -ish
Class is over - survived first day!!

Don't worry, I won't do another one of these....

January 11, 2012

(Mild) Panic

The semester is about to begin. Tomorrow at 9:40am, actually. It's stressful on several levels for me. I have the usual school stress...dreading classes and exams, projects, quizzes, homework... I'm doing more GTA work than I have been in awhile - two 2170 labs along with helping the blind student I've been assisting the past two semesters. I didn't want to do a thesis, so I have to take three comp exams over any three of my 6000-level classes ever. I'm having a hard time deciding which ones will suck the least...especially since my memory tends to release pretty much everything as soon as I turn in my last assignment for the semester. On top of all that, I need to start looking for a job yesterday. Our money is so tight I can't have a lull from graduation to job. The added stress on that is I don't really like programming. I'm not sure I'm all that good at it. I definitely don't want to do it for the rest of my life. I probably don't have the option of avoiding it right at the beginning...but then I'm worried I won't be able to get a job doing it, because it seems like everyone else around me in the department is so much more advanced than I am. But anyway - school starts back tomorrow - yay!!

January 10, 2012

Is Nothing Sacred?

I bought flour for a recipe. Right? FLOUR.

Chairman Meow tried to eat it!

I pick Mr. T up from work, come home, and The Chairman has pulled the bag of flour onto the floor and chewed a hole in the corner of it. I mean...come on.

January 6, 2012


Sure, I'll make up some resolutions right off the top of my head. Hmm...

  1. Exercise more
    • obviously
  2. Eat better
    • of course
  3. Write blogs more often. 
    • How unfortunate for you.
  4. Find my journal and start writing in it again.
    • I mean...come on! I've been journal-ing since I was 13 and in the past two years (since about a week before the wedding, actually) I haven't written anything!
  5. Attempt to become more adult-like.
    • I don't really have an option with this one. I'm going to graduate and be forced to find a real job. Mr. T is going to hit the big two-six and not be on his dad's insurance anymore. We may be moving out of state (maybe not, who knows?!)...and on and on. Dear God, just don't let me get pregnant, too.
  6. Hrm... Be more organized.
    • Like coming up with resolutions before the New Year, instead of six days into it.
  7. Get Mr. T to finish my giraffe tattoo.
    • Or my Steampunk tattoo. Or my garter. Or do the Russell Brand portrait. What? Yeah, I'm getting a Russell Brand portrait. Suck it.
  8. Turn this haircut into AWESOME.
    • I need this weird haircut to morph into amazingnicity. By June 30, when my lovely friend eLLe gets married. Will I ever remember I called her that? I need to get organized (see step 6) and list all my friend nicknames somewhere.
  9. Ooohhh...be more crafty!
    • I'm so. jealous. of crafty people! I vow to become one this year!! Ignoring the fact that I tried so hard to be crafty (I typed "crazy" instead of "crafty" - is that a sign??) for the wedding and all my crafts fell straight through. 
  10. Take more pictures.
    • Lots and lots of pictures!!
  11. Print wedding pictures, for crying out loud.
    • Seriously. I've printed four. For my parents. We haven't even framed our engagement pictures yet. Oh!
  12. Frame our engagement pictures.
    • There. It's on the list. It will get done.
  13. Read lots of books. Lots and lots of books.
    • Maybe even write a book? Pshhh...naw.

I'm going to stop with lucky #13 there. Hrm... Maybe I'll keep you posted as I determine how best to live out these resolutions!! Weee!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

January 5, 2012


I can never spell "miscellaneous" right the first...dozen...times. I end up Google-ing it. I do that with a lot of words, actually... Spelling hard.


It's been a hot minute since I had a real "post" hasn't it? HAPPY NEW YEAR, INTERNET! 2012 is here, along with my last semester of school. Let's take a moment to think about that, shall we? I have been in school for 19 years. Well, 18.5, I guess. Nineteen when I graduate. That's longer than most marriages last. I've never NOT been a student. WTF am I gonna do out in the real world? It's terrifying. Also, we are trying to decide where we are going to move, if we're even going to move, once I graduate. Options: stay in M'boro; leave M'boro but stay in TN; move to Florida; move somewhere in the South (Mr. T will not go any further north - he doesn't do winter and has been the cutest giant baby over the weather - and it's warm for winter, if you ask me...); move to California; move to Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. Mr. T just came up with that one a week or so ago. You better believe I'm going to look for jobs out there. That would be awesome!


How do you train a cat? I don't want them to sit or anything, just...stay out of stuff. I don't think it's possible. Chairman Meow gets into EVERYTHING. All the time. Got home today and he had torn into the trash. Again. None of our doors actually latch, and he learned how to open them almost immediately upon arrival in our home. We have to drag the box of kitty litter (the clean one, not the actual litter box, OBV) in front of the bedroom door to keep him locked in at night or he destroyes everything. Can I say "everything" again? E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. He has drug razors out of the bathroom to play with. I mean...come on! I hate that cat. Hate. But Mr. T loves him, so he stays. He got neutered last week, so maybe (maybe? please?) he'll start to mellow out. That day he was at the vet? zomgsoglorious!

Another segue!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are divorcing. Now, anyone who knows me knows that there are two men in this entire world that could even come close to possibly convincing me to leave Mr. T. Those men are Russell Brand and Ryan Reynolds. Now, I do have a list like Dooce (if you must know: 1. Russell Brand 2. Ryan Reynolds 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Alexander Skarsgard 5. Jude Law), but these two are special. And several people have told me they thought this would be good news to me, but they are wrong! I mean, who on this planet is as suitable for my darling Russell than Katy Perry? She's as psycho as he is!! His love for her convinced me to give her music another chance, and now I'm a fan, for crying out loud!! This is as upsetting to me as when Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson divorced. (Side note: Scarlett is an idiot. We all know that, right? I mean, I get ridiculed all. the. time. for liking Russell Brand, but everyone has the hots for Ryan Reynolds. AND SHE DIVORCED HIM?!?!?!?!?!)

I am going to go wipe my tears then talk about something else. Ready? Okay.

I'm creating a "happy" playlist full of guilty pleasure songs. Help me! I was going to type them all out, but I got about a third of the way through and lost interest. Too hard. Let's see if this link works, shall we? I can list the artists, though!

Beyonce, Bo Burnham, Britney Spears, Cee Lo Green, The Darkness, The Flaming Lips, Flight of the Conchords, Garfunkel and Oates, Gym Class Heroes, Here Come the Mummies, Jackie Q (from Get Him to the Greek), Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, LMFAO, The Lonely Island, Maroon 5, OutKast, Rocky Horror songs, Rihanna, Spice Girls, Stephen Lynch, The Ting Tings, and Weezer.

Yes, I am one classy lassy. Be jealous!!

Dance party segue!!

This has gone on long enough. I bet I hit 1k words this time, suckas!! I'm gonna end with three songs, two by Stephen Lynch and one by LMFAO. Watch them!!!!