April 23, 2012

Wish You Were Her

I'm not sure why I titled this post "Wish You Were Her". I wanted it to be something along the lines of "Missing You" like in old postcards, then I thought of "Wish You Were Her" and typed it. And since I have a personal philosophy of not changing anything I type, except typos. And just then when I replaced "deleting" with "changing"...and I don't remember what I was saying. Basically, I've missed you guys. Also - my blog had 44 page views yesterday and I haven't posted in thirteen days. Go me. One day I shall be famous.

Actually, based on Dooce's hate page and failing marriage (the marriage thing may be totally unrelated to the fame thing, but the fame thing puts the failing marriage thing under a HUGE microscopic lens for all the world to speculate - specuHATE, if you will - on...) I'm not sure I really do want to be famous. It sounds like a lot of work, and I'm not sure my self-esteem can handle it. After the emotional turmoil MC put me through, just being one person, I'm not sure I can handle criticism well. Maybe it's easier coming from strangers. Or maybe it's worse. Honestly, I'll probably never know.

In other news - I ordered (and have been delivered!) books!! I ordered the Fifty Shades trilogy and The Bloggess' book Let's Pretend this Never Happened. I have no idea if I posted about these before. I doubt I did, since my posting has been so...nonexistent...for the past month or so. At any rate, I ordered them on Amazon awhile ago, and since I was pre-ordering two of them they weren't delivered until this past Saturday. To my parents' house. Oops. Now, if you haven't heard of the Fifty Shades trilogy, do some Googling and then quickly see why that should never be viewed by my parents. Their brains would explode. Luckily I went home this weekend for my dad's birthday, so I was able to rescue them before they got all crazy and decided to open the box. (Fun fact, I typed deiced instead of decided and it is apparently a word - spell check isn't protested.)

I'm going to start reading them after Wednesday - THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR ME EVER. If you want to follow my journey, add me on Goodreads. Also, let me know if that link works. Yes, the past...eleven...books I read are historic romantic fiction. Don't be hating. Those books are fun to read. Also, I was able to read eleven books in just over a week. Since I made my 2012 Reading Challenge to be 100 books and didn't start until March, I've got some catching up to do. According to Goodreads, I'm 12 books behind. Which I think is arbitrary, because I read about 5 books and the number only decreased by 1.

Since I have revealed there are only three (two, now that today is over) days left in this semester - let me recap what I have to do in the next couple (literally) days:

  • Web Tech
    • final group project (mostly done, I just need to create one page)
  • Data Mining
    • final group project (mostly done, just need to figure out what BS we're gonna BS for our presentation because we didn't actually accomplish anything with our research)
  • Research Methods
    • present my formal presentation to the professor because last class the two presenters went over an incredible amount of time (each one was close to double what they should have been) so I can't present in class - shucks
    • turn my conference paper into a thesis (mostly done, just needs to be tidied up)
  • GTA Work
    • one more lab to grade, but I'm giving everyone who turns it in a 100 (don't tell them yet!) so I don't have to worry about it. I'm also giving them the last lab period to complete as many 0 labs as they have, so they can try to bring their grades up - if they complete it they get a 50 on it.
    • one more class period and a final exam with KC
Oh, dear - it's time to pick up Mr. T - I must continue this riveting post at a later date.

Fun fact: name of this file was jewish-bdsm.jpg - I'm not going to investigate the site to figure out why...

April 10, 2012


You should be rested. Even without the pressure of the GRE deciding your future, it's a lot of money to lose.

I'm not worried about it, lol. I'm a great test taker.

I read "taste tester" I was very confused.

Of course you did, weirdo. You puzzle me.

I puzzle the scientific community as a whole.

Yeah, the doctors still haven't figured out how you survived childbirth. They thought you were gonna have a panic attack and die inside the womb.

As an aside, due to an earlier portion of our conversation (that makes the second time - two for two - that I have typed "converation" instead of "conversation"), I am now slightly afraid of dreaming about him crapping his pants during the GRE. And by that I mean, I'm not really, but I told him I would blog about it. I wasn't really planning on blogging about it, but then I was writing this blog post and thought, "Oh, yeah..."

Bye now.

April 4, 2012

Three Weeks!

Actually, two weeks six days. April 25 is my last day of classes. Forever, hopefully. I am so. sick. of school. So. sick. of being a poor college student. Give me paychecks! Give me the kind of work I actually do at work - none of this homework nonsense. Here is the GLORIOUS list of things I have left to do in the remaining two weeks, six days:

  • Web Tech
    • final group project (create entire Web site from scratch)
    • an individual homework assignment
    • an exam
  • Data Mining
    • final group project (BS some stuff about k-means algorithms)
    • an individual homework assignment
    • an exam
      • take-home essay question style exam
  • Research Methods
    • turn my "conference paper" into a "thesis"
    • make a 20 minute formal presentation over my paper
      • choose another topic to write another paper and make another presentation over
  • Design of Parallel Software
      • short, five-question exam
  • GTA Work
    • grade three more CLAs - still need to work through two of them
    • survive these last few weeks with KC
I feel like that's more than I've done all semester... Which probably isn't true.

Also. ALSO. We just got back from H&R Block. Not only did they demand our first-born for filing our taxes for us, we have to pay the mother fletching government $1600. SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. All because Mr. T is self-employed. Between the two of us we barely made $25k last year. We don't have $3k to our name right now. BUT WE HAVE TO GIVE THE GOVERNMENT SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! I'm trying so hard to not freak out right now, guys. We still have to pay rent and utilities for next month, plus gas and...everything else. I'm so sad, y'all. I'm so sad I'm saying "y'all" - that's super sad. I'm also dangerously close to losing my mind. I just want to curl up in a ball in my PJs...and eat ice cream until I puke. Luckily someone left some here after my awesome Mel Brooks movie night. Unfortunately IT'S FREAKING NEAPOLITAN. Who eats Neapolitan ice cream?? SO gross! But free. And right now I can't be picky.

Shoooo...deep breath... It's okay. Everything will be fine. As Mr. T says - it's just money. I would feel better if we were saying "it's just money" with a good $3-5k in our accounts, but you know what...it's still just money. We are (relatively - stupid hand, foot, mouth) healthy, we have a house and running vehicle, Mr. T is doing something that he loves and I have managed to get two degrees with no student loan debt, I have found and married the man of my dreams, I got home tonight and Mr. T had cleaned THE ENTIRE HOUSE after my dear friends trashed the place during my awesome Mel Brooks movie night, and it's raining outside...a nice drizzly rain that makes me happy. So, yes, right now is Sucky McSucktown, but tomorrow is another day. And in two weeks, six days our lives are going to be totally different. One month from now I could be in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, or even freaking HAWAII. And Mr. T will be right there with me. Along with Splinter, Khat, and Chairman Meow. It's going to be MADNESS.

And I can't wait.


April 3, 2012

Photo Card

Hip Hat Graduation
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I got a $10 coupon for posting this here. Huzzah!

...so much for anonymity.

April 2, 2012

Junk Food

You know the problem with those big variety packs of snack-sized chip bags? They're freaking snack sized. And no matter how excellent the assortment is, there is still *that flavor* that you don't want. It's usually the first one you pull out of the box. It must go back in, and the second is a much, much better alternative. I mean, sure, Sour Cream and Onion are fine when you're at a party and the only options are those or plain potato chips. But there has got to be MORE to life than this! So when you reach back in and pull out Spicy Nacho Doritos...the world has now returned to its right and wonderful place.

Another thing to complain about: my bastard of a husband who is not only a bastard but is, in fact, a man that I love more than Spicy Nacho Doritos or giraffes (guess what two things I just looked down and saw - well there were three, but one was a picture of us, so it wouldn't fit this analogy - is analogy the right word?). Another thing to complain about: not one but TWO empty soda boxes in the refrigerator. HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP TEASE!

Anyway... The last thing I remember consciously doing was thinking "I should feed the animals before I fold these clothes." and not only are the clothes not folded, the animals aren't fed and I'm not wearing any pants.

"I hate it when I have a great joke line up and all of a sudOOPS"

Also, that bit about the pants? Totally true.

Or is it?