December 14, 2011

Boob News

So, kind of big news... It's about my boobs, so if that makes you feel weird, don't read it.

(  o  Y  o  )   <--those are boobs. Not mine, though. Just...boobs.

Photo is...kind of related. (Almost Christmas? And boobs?) It is also not of my boobs. You will not see my boobs at all, actually.

I took my nipple rings out earlier this week. Yeah, it's a big deal. I had those bad boys in for over two years - it was a longer relationship than my marriage. But...they were fickle lovers. Not really lovers, actually - I just wanted to say that. Weird. Anyway...

They hurt me a lot. Twice I snagged my loofah on them in the shower. The first time I managed to get the ball pulled halfway into my nipple. Oi, it hurt. The blood...bleh. The second time it happened I caught it before it could hurt me, but the mesh was tangled around the ball. I was home alone and didn't have my contacts in, so I had to stagger around the house, covered in suds, clutching a loofah to my chest, trying to find scissors... I'm glad we have blinds, is all I'm saying. So, yeah, this week's showers have been amazing. Fantastic. The most enjoyable I've had in...two years. :) Every aspect of the shower experience was done very cautiously. This past week? Glorious!

Mr. T likes it better, too. I won't go into details on that side, though...

And, finally - the little buggers were migrating. (That means they were working their way out.) Piercings suck, man. I'll get tattooed any day over a piercing.