November 26, 2011

Product Dis-Placement


So I usually advertise some product I really enjoy. This also is supposed to happen on a specific it Saturday? That would be awesome if it accidentally worked out. It's been so long since I posted anything I don't remember how I used to try to do things. But anyway - this entry won't be an attempt to get you TO purchase something. Instead it's a plea to NOT buy something. So it is definitely not sponsored by the company I'm about to discuss.

I have a friend who used to sell pet food. (immediate warning flags) You know any sales(wo)man, even if they 100% believe it, as my friend apparently did (does), has been fed a huge pile of BS to regurgitate back onto potential customers. And I have been thrown up on for years. Any time I complained about the cats - hairballs, shedding, stinky poo...anything - I was informed that if I used this miracle cat food all my problems would go away. Now, I gots the street smarts, so I wasn't going to fall for any of this nonsense. But I felt bad, because it was my friend, and she seemed to genuinely believe what she was telling me.

Cut to a week or so ago at PetSmart. I need to get in, get cat food, and get out. I still haven't learned to cope with the massive amounts of options they provide - Walmart had too many choices for me and there were like five. Now there are nearly five AISLES of cat food to stare at blankly before I grab my bags of either Purina or Iams (oh! Product Placement! Purina and Iams have never let me down). This time I happened to choose the aisle with my friend's brand of food on it to walk down first. It was more expensive than what I usually buy, but I figured I'd give it a try.

The first day I try to feed it to them, neither cat finishes their food. Now, Khat has always been a food lover. She starts nagging you for food five minutes after being fed. And Chairman Meow was a stray. He lives for food and causes more mischief in our house than even Splinter, trying to get into edible things. Now that it's been a week they both eat it, but their poop smells TERRIBLE, and they throw it back up all the time. Seriously - we have cleaned up at least five piles of cat vomit since they got on this food. The pile this morning still looked like the food - it hadn't even begun to digest.

I don't know what I'm going to do. This food was so expensive I can't afford to go out and buy two more bags of what I usually get, but I'm afraid they'll become ill if I keep feeding it to them. Sigh.

The bad, bad, icky food?

Nutro. I bought a bag of Senior and a bag Kitten. Both are fails.