April 4, 2012

Three Weeks!

Actually, two weeks six days. April 25 is my last day of classes. Forever, hopefully. I am so. sick. of school. So. sick. of being a poor college student. Give me paychecks! Give me the kind of work I actually do at work - none of this homework nonsense. Here is the GLORIOUS list of things I have left to do in the remaining two weeks, six days:

  • Web Tech
    • final group project (create entire Web site from scratch)
    • an individual homework assignment
    • an exam
  • Data Mining
    • final group project (BS some stuff about k-means algorithms)
    • an individual homework assignment
    • an exam
      • take-home essay question style exam
  • Research Methods
    • turn my "conference paper" into a "thesis"
    • make a 20 minute formal presentation over my paper
      • choose another topic to write another paper and make another presentation over
  • Design of Parallel Software
      • short, five-question exam
  • GTA Work
    • grade three more CLAs - still need to work through two of them
    • survive these last few weeks with KC
I feel like that's more than I've done all semester... Which probably isn't true.

Also. ALSO. We just got back from H&R Block. Not only did they demand our first-born for filing our taxes for us, we have to pay the mother fletching government $1600. SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. All because Mr. T is self-employed. Between the two of us we barely made $25k last year. We don't have $3k to our name right now. BUT WE HAVE TO GIVE THE GOVERNMENT SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! I'm trying so hard to not freak out right now, guys. We still have to pay rent and utilities for next month, plus gas and...everything else. I'm so sad, y'all. I'm so sad I'm saying "y'all" - that's super sad. I'm also dangerously close to losing my mind. I just want to curl up in a ball in my PJs...and eat ice cream until I puke. Luckily someone left some here after my awesome Mel Brooks movie night. Unfortunately IT'S FREAKING NEAPOLITAN. Who eats Neapolitan ice cream?? SO gross! But free. And right now I can't be picky.

Shoooo...deep breath... It's okay. Everything will be fine. As Mr. T says - it's just money. I would feel better if we were saying "it's just money" with a good $3-5k in our accounts, but you know what...it's still just money. We are (relatively - stupid hand, foot, mouth) healthy, we have a house and running vehicle, Mr. T is doing something that he loves and I have managed to get two degrees with no student loan debt, I have found and married the man of my dreams, I got home tonight and Mr. T had cleaned THE ENTIRE HOUSE after my dear friends trashed the place during my awesome Mel Brooks movie night, and it's raining outside...a nice drizzly rain that makes me happy. So, yes, right now is Sucky McSucktown, but tomorrow is another day. And in two weeks, six days our lives are going to be totally different. One month from now I could be in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, or even freaking HAWAII. And Mr. T will be right there with me. Along with Splinter, Khat, and Chairman Meow. It's going to be MADNESS.

And I can't wait.