January 17, 2014


Exciting news today!

This is the first of these "To the future Mrs. Wilson" posts that I'm actually dying to know how future me will respond. Did....did any of that make sense? I feel like it didn't. Anywhoskies...

Last week Mr. T and I (do I still call him "Mr. T", 2014 me?) were discussing what it would take for him to open his own shop. It's something he's wanted to do since he first started tattooing and he's been having the "want my own shop" itch for the past few months. He has a friend who wants to open a microbrew bar (wonder if that's happened by this day in 2014!) and they were going to help each other out with the whole "owning your own business" thang. Mr. T still has some loans to pay off (oh wouldn't it be swell if they were by the time I read this again????) so we didn't think it would happen any time soon.

But today I was talking to a friend of mine from school, and for some reason mentioned how Mr. T wants to open his own shop and he was all "Well I'm about to try to rent this building right in the middle of The Square in M'boro!" The rent is super reasonable, and it seems like a really good idea. So....not trying to get my hopes up too high, buuuuuut..... I think this might be a really good thing for us!

It seems real sudden, but everything in our lives has been real sudden. We barely knew the other existed for two years, then were suddenly dating as soon as we spent time together. Just over a year later we were engaged. On our two-year anniversary we got married. As soon as I graduated I applied for, interviewed at, and accepted a job. We bought a house as soon as we started looking at houses.... Every major decision has been terrifying, and decided on quickly. And so far, everything has been beautiful.

So, pray for us! Well....I guess it's too late for that. I hope the decisions we make now positively impact you, future Mrs. Wilson!!!