January 21, 2014


I call people bastards a lot. I call Splinter a bastard multiple times a day. Rarely do I mean it. And when I do mean it, I still don't really mean it - it's probably being directed to another drive who really isn't a bastard, just being a bad driver. Or going the speed limit when I'm trying to get home from work. Bastards...

Anyway, I've come across two people who I really, truly, believe in my heart are straight up bastards. One I've spoken of in the past. He was my "friend" for many years in school...kind of destroyed my self-confidence and made me feel like an idiot 90% of the time. The other is doing the same, in a way, to Mr. T.

I'm setting this to post a year in the future because I hope that Mr. T and I have purged ourselves of this relationship by then. I don't want to make things worse in the off chance someone who knows this guy reads this and tells him. I'm not going to say his name or anything, but it will probably be pretty obvious who he is, if you know him and read this.

Dude's another artist at Mr. T's shop. He does amazing work. I have a tattoo by him, and I lurve it. But...he's a super dick. One of those people that you're amazed can walk through a door because his head is so big. He's trying out for Ink Masters and I hope that works out famously for him.

Outside of him being full of himself, he's just an all-around toolbag. No one can stand to have a conversation with him. He's an extreme right-wing Conservative. Which, I consider myself a Conservative...but you don't have to be a dick about it. He's one of those no-gun-control, hate Obama, etc. and so on kind of guys. No one can stand having a conversation with him because he's always super unreasonable. And a dick.

Anyway. He started talking sh*t about Mr. T's tattoos. And that's just....a dick move. He has more experience than Mr. T - he should be helping him if anything. Give him pointers, advice, be helpful. You're coworkers, not competitors! Geeze. And if you're THAT awesome, you shouldn't be worried about this underling who apparently sucks so bad you feel the need to insult his work to his face stealing any of your clients.

Luckily Mr. T has me. I've told him if he ever reaches the point in his career where he thinks he's the shizz I'll punch him in the balls every day until he gets some sense. I have no respect for people who think they're sooooo much better than everyone else. Sure you're good, but there will always be someone better. So be kind to the people who aren't as talented/smart as you are. They may not be better at you in your chosen field, but they can probably help you in other ways.

In other news - I logged on to my Google+ account recently. I never actually use Google+ (does anyone, really?) but occasionally check it out for funsies. There are about 5 people in my "circles" who post. And Wil Wheaton. Only one posts regularly. And that's MC. I guess because he got a job at Google he has to use it? He's always posting about Google, too. I don't know - do you get a bonus for every time you brag about a Google product if you're an employee? Anyway...what I noticed is that 99% of his posts have no response on them. No comment, no +, no nothing. To be fair, the page I use to spam people with blog posts and links doesn't have a ton of likes or comments. But I get more than he does. And anything I post on my personal page will almost always get at least a handful of likes.