January 29, 2014


So that happened last night. Derpy Pony tramp stamp. I am so classy, guys. So. Classy.

Anywho, before I got it I was talking to one of my friends - telling him I don't have any "pretty" tattoos like what women usually get. Birds and flowers and music notes...whatever, I don't know. All mine are bizarre - I have Bernard the giraffe, GIR, the two-headed Bambi...a baby dragon...steampunk ribs, and - the most girly - a garter. Oh, and Russell Brand, a lantern, and our wedding ring/heart tattoo. I keep losing track of how many I have. Then I try to count them out by pointing at various body parts...and I  keep forgetting tattoos. I think I only have nine. I've been thinking I have ten, but I think that's wrong now that I've counted like three times. No! It is ten! I kept forgetting about GIR!! omg, why is this so hard??

I have four tattoos on my legs: two-headed Bambie, Smirnoff (baby dragon), garter, and Russell Brand. I have two rib tattoos: steampunk and Bernard (giraffe). GIR is...I guess my inner hip? Heart on my ring finger.  And two on my back: lantern and Derpy Pony.

Fun fact: I didn't realize Derpy Pony was an actual character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic until he started on the tattoo. So...I guess I should start watching the show. >.<

ANYWAY. The point of this story is that after I lamented the fact that I had no "pretty" tattoos (and I don't really have any place to put them) he said "You have the exact tattoos I would expect someone married to Mr. T would have."  8}

I love my husband.