April 29, 2013

Bad Day

Today I'm supposed to post about DIY - either home updates or cleaning products. But it's a poopie day for that. The entire right side of my face is broken out for some reason. It's so gross. Hopefully it's my period, and not a failure of my shampoo and/or face wash. I haven't had a real "period" since I got on Depo...at the end of last summer? They said it could take up to 18 months to get out of my system. My last shot supposedly ran out mid-February. Note: I'm not pregnant. Note: TMI content just before this note!

But, yeah - my face is broken out and it makes me sad. I also found out that the grass seed I bought is best planted in cool weather. If we had gotten it and been prepared when we decided to plant grass in our backyard, it would've been fine. But due to our busy schedules, poor planning, and total lack of knowledge about being homeowners it's now too late. So now what do we do? Plant warm-weather grass? Plant this and hope for the best? Not do anything and have a muddy, weed-riddled yard? Plus, even if we had the right kind of seed, or it was the perfect time to plant, our yard still isn't ready. We got some of the gravel up, but there's still a ton left. We haven't picked up all the stepping stones. All the tarp under the mulch is still there. We're not sure what's weeds and what's supposed to be there - we're not sure we can even transplant it if it is supposed to be there and we just want to move it.

At this point I'm like - tear it all down. We'll plant new. It's easier than trying to move it, only to have to move it again later. But Mr. T is already calling me a nature hater, because I want to cut down the stupid Bradford pear that's back there, this fugly pine...shrub/tree/monstrosity, and a tree that's leaning over our fence and likely to fall on the neighbor's house.

So...bad day for DIY. *pout