April 24, 2013


You guys.

When we lived on East Street, Mr. T got to know most of our neighbors. I didn't know any of them. This made me sad. When we bought our house, I was like "Alright - now is my chance." I had great plans to go meet everyone in the cul-de-sac and life was going to be awesome. Of course, that didn't happen. But....I'm kind of okay with it. Let me explain.

On one side we have The Dogs. I have no idea if these guys rent or own their house, but one of the other neighbors (that we have become friends with) has been here for several years, and The Dogs have been here at least that long. It doesn't appear to be a family - just several younger people living as housemates. But, if you haven't picked up on it already, they have dogs. That they leave outside all the time. That really like to bark. Like....REALLY LIKE TO BARK. We hate them. As it started to get warm and rainy and grass grow-y they mowed before we did, and mowed the sliver of our yard that is connected to theirs. The next week that mow-time came up they didn't. Mr. T and I were both like "Thank goodness!" We didn't want to have any reason to thank them. >.< I think we're evil. But omg those dogs!

On the other site we have The Kids. So - I like the woman that lives over there. I've talked to her a couple times, and she invited us over to one of those miserable jewelry parties where you listen to a sales pitch and then buy jewelry. Except I didn't buy jewelry because bleh. I wear plugs in my ears, my wedding rings, and one of two necklaces. I've been wanting to get to know her better, maybe invite her over to Ladies' Night or something. But I'm terrified I'll have to deal with her kids.

I'm not a parent, so I never feel comfortable commenting on parenting. But sometimes you have to go "Something went wrong here." The first time I met her I was trying to catch this stray-looking Chihuahua. She sat out in our yard with me while I tried to get the dog to come up to me (never did, but he was a little bastard, anyway). Her kids were out in the yard and just did not listen to her at all. They were little brats, climbing on my trees, and the little girl ran up to the dog right as it was getting close to us and almost got bitten, and ran the dog off again. But this most recent incident involves the boy.

It was the 2nd mow of the year - the one where The Dogs didn't mow our lawn. Mr. T was mowing, and I decided to grab some grass clippings for the compost (we're trying to compost). I took the rake out and noticed the two kids were playing in their yard. Gross. I don't know how to handle kids. So I rake up a bit of the grass, and the boy comes up to me "Whachewdoing?" *siiiiiiiigh.... "Raking up some grass to go in our compost." and I point over to the little bin. Well, he just goes over and opens it. Almost sticks his hand in, but I stop him, because omg gross. I have a little pile, so I set the rake down and grab the grass...he takes the rake and starts raking. I'm like "I don't really need any more." but he ignores me. Grabs more grass and puts it in my compost. Keeps raking. Keeps talking about how hard it is. I tell him he can stop - I don't need any more. He doesn't. He also enjoys swinging the rake around. At some point Roommate's wife and child comes out, so he gets distracted. I try to pick the rake up and he ninja grabs it and starts swinging it around - the tines scrape my car. SO PISSED. Finally get the rake away from him, and he starts asking if he can go in our house! Mmmm....no. I told him maybe one day with his mom, but not today. He goes up to the door, anyway. Sees Roommate's dog, opens the door, starts in. Thankfully Roommate was coming out just then and is like NOPE! We finally all just went back inside.

So, I can't enjoy my back yard because of The Dogs. I can't enjoy my front yard because of The Kids. I hate my neighbors.