April 10, 2013

Stuff and Things

I'm too lazy to try to find the post(s), but I've mentioned - maybe a couple times - that I've been thinking about giving up shampoo. Some other cleaning DIYs I've done: laundry detergent, dish detergent, face wash, lotion, body wash, and cleaning spray. I have posts over some of those, some I don't. Look - if you're coming here for fancy pants DIY tutorials, just leave. Just...go. That's not going to happen. There are people out there who do that exceedingly well. I am not one of them. I take their ideas and try them. So far it's been mostly a win. If you want to do any of the things I've done, just Google it. 8P

Anyway - giving up shampoo/conditioner. All this started when I read this post. That was some time ago. I like to wait until I'm out of the evil store-bought products before I move on. I'm not just doing this to get chemicals out of my house - I'm also trying to save money. Throwing half a bottle of perfectly fine, chemical-riddled shampoo away is just silly talk. But, I only have 1/3 the hair of a normal human. So it's been taking for.ev.er. to go through my shampoo. I finally just moved it over to Mr. T's basket - I doubt he's going to want to go 'poo-less any time soon, so it will help keep him happy for a bit longer. And now I'm shampoo-free!

The spray bottle has the apple cider vinegar in it, and the ketchup bottle is baking soda. Well, there's 1.5 Tbs of each in them - the rest is water. It's super diluted. Like...super diluted. As with all these DIY things I've embarked on, the general consensus is "Do whatever works for you." Which, lesbianest, is NOT HELPFUL. Some people use only enough water to make a paste with the baking soda. Some people have a cup and mix the baking soda/vinegar with water in the shower. This seems pretty wise, because pouring room-temperature tap water on your head while taking a nice warm shower....that water is gonna feel really fracking cold. Just FYI.

You need more/less of each depending on how oily your hair is. More baking soda, less vinegar if you have oily hair. I just went with what worked for her. If my hair starts getting funky I'll try to adjust it. Also, there is the "adjustment phase" where your hair gets super gross and oily. See, it's used to chemical-y shampoos and conditioners that totally screw with your body's natural balance of oils and whatever. And that makes your hair oily. So you use more shampoo/conditioner and get more oil..on and on and on. Or something. I don't care. But it takes your scalp awhile to realize you're not slathering all this weird stuff on it, so it keeps on producing too much oil. They recommend pony tails, scarves, head bands, and a willingness to look a little skanky until your body adjusts. And you can also use dry shampoos.

omg, guys - I'm turning into such a dirty  hippie. Well, hopefully a clean hippie. lol! It's kind of fun. And doing all this allows me to be all DIY and crafty without spending a ton of money like trying to redo our living room would be. We are saving up to remodel our bedroom. Hopefully going to do that this winter as a Christmas present to ourselves. I can't wait!! You should follow me on Pinterest. Here is the board for our bedroom. I have so many plans!! 8} It's gonna be so nice.... <3