October 15, 2012

(Mis)Adventures in Cooking

Okay, so even more than my weekend plans had already fallen apart....my weekend plans fell apart.

Friday I did buy groceries. I did not finish that stupid photo book (the bane of my existence). I did do laundry. (I just didn't get it put away!)

Saturday I slept in supa late, so I did not get the bathroom organized. I did go shoot with Mr. T and Company - well, I did not shoot, but I did go! I did get the bedroom organized! Mostly. I started on the filing cabinet. I would say I'm 95% done. I did vacuum the house downstairs, which was supposed to happen on Sunday. But go me for getting stuff done early! And we did take Tony out to eat. OM NOM NOM

Sunday. Oh, Sunday. This is where all the things fell apart. I did vacuum - on Saturday. Can't find the dustpan, though, so I did not sweep. Well, I tried to sweep. Mr. T is sick, so we did not go to church or his grandmother's for lunch. We did get ready to go to the wedding. And we did even leave FOR the wedding. However, I did not take into account the time zone change. So we left in time to get there at 5:00...Central Time. The wedding was in the Eastern Time Zone, though. So we would have been an hour late. >.< So we did not go to the wedding. Which really freed up our Sunday evening. 8P Which means I did get to cook my Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup! Which prompted this post...

Let me give a blow-by-blow of all the near-fails of this cooking experience.

First, shopping:

  1. Olive Oil didn't transfer over to my shopping list for some reason, so I didn't buy any.
    • Used vegetable oil instead!
  2. Somehow I picked up vegetable broth instead of chicken broth (still don't know how this happened).
    • Oh, well - use vegetable broth instead!
  3. Where the F do you find "chipotle chili in adobo sauce"????
    • Never did find it - looked it up and it just makes things spicy...so left it out!
  4. Didn't find cilantro, either.
    • Don't really think it's necessary, move on!
  5. I had scallions on my list, AND green onions (for another recipe). Had no clue what scallions were, so had to look them up. They're green onions...
    • Didn't end up using them, anyway. Too lazy to cut them up for a topping.
  6. Didn't buy sour cream.
    • It's optional, and gross.
Now, the cooking:
  1. Does anyone know how to mince garlic? I just chopped it up into tiny pieces. WORKED.
    • Also, sauteing the onions and garlic? SMELLED AMAZING.
  2. The super nice can opener I'd bought suddenly decided to stop working! I mean, it's not that nice - you still have to hand crank it. But it stopped working!
    • Had to use our super ghetto old can openers. They get the job done, but aren't as easy to turn as the new one (used to be).
  3. Made a huge mess opening the tomato sauce.
    • Still don't know what happened there.
  4. Defrosting the chicken was a nightmare. I had just thrown it in the freezer when I got back from Kroger on Friday (bought the kind that comes on the Styrofoam with the little juice collector at the bottom), so it was all frozen together. 
    • Tried running hot water over it and burned the crap out of my hands (Mr. T still hasn't turned the hot water heater down from "boil"). Took it forever to thaw enough for me to pull all that off to thaw it in the microwave, but by then it was so thawed it started to COOK while "thawing" in the microwave!
  5. Don't have measuring spoons (wtf, me?!).
    • I had to guesstimate with an eating spoon that I'm assuming is a teaspoon or so.
  6. The chicken was a little tough (I'm assuming from getting half-cooked in the microwave), so shredding it wasn't as easy as I was led to believe by my own brain when I read the directions earlier. 
    • I got it hacked up anyway. Some of the pieces are a bit too big to pick up with a spoon, though. OH WELL.
All-in-all it turned out alright. The chicken was a bit tough and tasteless - it didn't absorb flavors like it should've after soaking in the crock pot for 5 hours. I blame it on the microwave over-defrosting it. Next time (if I plan ahead enough) I'll just defrost it in the refrigerator for 24 hours like you're supposed to.