October 10, 2012

Well Hello There

Long time no chat, blogosphere.

I don't really have anything to say now, either. I just feel bad that I haven't posted in so long. My life has been pretty dull lately. I mean, what with buying a house and getting a permanent job offer from my company...Mom being in the hospital for three days...eh - what is there to talk about?

I guess it's because I spend all day in front of a computer at work. Eight hours staring at a screen, you don't really want to go home and stare at another screen. Plus, Miss C and I are trying to start up a workout regime (keep up with it on our blog!) and I am trying to unpack, even though I never have any free time to get anything done!

My photographer friend, along with her husband and their roommate, came over Monday night for spaghetti and The Avengers. Yesterday Miss C and I walked the dogs then got down to the very serious business of watching stupid stuff on TV. Love It or List It, TMZTattoo Master, and some sort of tattoo show like Restaurant Nightmares or whatever it's called. Tonight is more dog walking and hopefully some exercise, instead of reverting to our natural state (vegetative).