October 12, 2012

Weekend Plans

Gah! I have to get back in the habit of blogging again! So sorry!! Anyway, here is my schedule for this weekend. Let's see how closely I follow it...

Friday: Buy groceries.
Go home, finish the photo book I started forEVER ago - the one for our Secret Santa LAST. YEAR.
Do laundry.
Saturday: Get our bathroom organized.
Go shooting with Mr. T, his Manager, and Manager's GF. >.<
Get our bedroom organized.
Get the filing cabinet sorted and in the bedroom.
Put all our important papers in the filing cabinet before we lose them!
Take Tony out to eat because we owe him an Olive Garden meal. 8P
Sunday: Vacuum/sweep the house.
Eat with Mr. T's grandmother.
Start my Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada so we can have it for dinner.
Vacuum/sweep the house.

Balls! I forgot about the wedding on Sunday! All my plans are ruined! And by "ruined" I mean altered slightly. 8P

I did a GIS for "madness" and got this. I guess it's a band?