November 1, 2012

Thankfuls - Day 1

I've been trying to get motivated to start blogging again ain't happening. I sit in front of a computer all day at work so when I get home I'm like "Oh f no, I'm not getting on a computer right now!" But I miss blogging. Throwing out my words for no one to read... I also haven't written in my journal in months. I lost it, again. Sigh. I'm a failure!

But! In honor of NaNoWriMo (we'll say, even though I'm definitely not writing a novel) and because those annoying FB status updates have started (gah, don't you HATE those??), I'm about to hit you with 22 solid days of Thankfuls. Yes, every day you get to hear about how awesome my life is. Have no fear, though! Since I am me, I'll probably also complain every day. That's how I do. I hope I don't get fired for posting a blog at work...because blogging is definitely not going to pay my bills.

*ahem: Day 1:

Today I find myself utterly exhausted at work. Like, "zoning out almost to the point of actual sleep" exhausted. Business Unit - send me things to put on your site so I have work! BUT. I do have a job - a job that I really do love (especially when Business Unit sends me work!) - that pays our bills even when Mr. T's job is a bit slow (come get tattooed, you fools!) and the transmission is (probably) out on my car and the dog gets an upset stomach so bad his farts smell like something straight from the pits of Hell for three days straight and we have to lock him in the garage because he can't go one night without diarrhea-ing in his crate but he still won't stop getting into things and ate an entire platter of cookies someone brought to our Halloween party that were delicious and I really enjoyed eating.