November 2, 2012

Thankfuls - Day 2

Thankfuls recap:

Day 2:
Today I'm thankful I'm not in prison.

Let me explain. My car went kaput, as I kind of explained yesterday. Well, I didn't explain. I just said it went kaput. So, let me explain that. All last week (and maybe even the week before?) my car would start shaking when I got up to like 50mph. Told a few people about it and Mr. T even rode with me once - everyone agreed I probably needed to get a tire rotation. So I planned on doing that sometime this week. Maybe switch cars with Mr. T on his day off so he could take it in. Well, Monday morning I'm running late for work (SURPRISE). Run out to my car, get in, start it...the whole thing is just shaking. I'm like....crap.... But I gotta go to work! So I pull out the driveway and get to the first stop sign. "Check Engine" light comes on. Balls. I can't drive freaking 20+ miles to work, then 20+ miles back home with no clue what's broken on my car. So I thieve Mr. T's Jeep and go to work. He and LarsBar (temporary roommate - long story for later) drive it around with one of their car guru friends and all agree it's my transmission, probably. WOOOOOOOO. That's gonna be expensive. Still haven't gotten it looked at yet. That's a goal for my weekend.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday. I've been driving the Jeep all week to work. It's freaking old - 20 years, I think. The gas gauge is super wonky on it. I've driven it four days and it's reading that is has 1/4 of a tank of gas. Not sure how accurate that is, but I'm running late for work (SURPRISE) so I figure I'll just buy gas on my way home. Get to work and realize I left my wallet at home. >.< OH WELL. Hopefully there's enough gas to make it home and then to a gas station. Fast forward to the end of the work day. Instead of coming home on 840 like I do in my car, I've been taking it easy on old Jeeparino and staying on 96. Slower speed limit and all that jazz. So I'm running low on gas (possibly) and trying to take it easy on this relic anyway. Not a lot of quick acceleration. This monster of a truck gets in front of me and is going supa slow. I'm ready for a very very frustrating drive home. But! Glory of glories! Do you hear angels singing?? Something I'd only heard about in fairy tales happened! He got over and let everyone pass him! It was beautiful!! Exclamation mark!

But. Now I'm the front car, after about 20 cars have been backed up. No bueno. I don't want to accelerate super quickly, but I don't want the hate of 20 commuters breathing down my neck, either. So I work my way back up to 55/60mph (speed limit is 55) and right when I do - RIGHT WHEN I DO - this truck pulls out in front of me. Goes maybe 100 feet and turns off. BAH! Start working my way back up....almost we go....HAPPENS AGAIN. This happened to me FOUR TIMES. Four times! Right as I hit cruising speed someone pulled in front of me, forcing me to hit my brakes. The first three times they immediately turned back off. The third time dude didn't even use his blinker until right as he hit the turn. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. The fourth guy, unfortunately, didn't turn off again. I say unfortunately, because he went about 50mph all the way into town. So. Much. Rage. Because all this - ALL OF THIS - happened before I even made it to the four-way stop in Triune. AND THEN SOMEONE WENT OUT OF TURN AT THE FOUR-WAY. It was my turn, slut ball. MY TURN.

And then...oh, and then...turning off of 96 into our subdivision I got behind a pickup and minivan. Who didn't once use their blinkers while navigating through the subdivision. And I was behind them all the way to my house! The minivan used their blinker one time. ONE TIME. And there are six turns just to get to my house - they turned off on the street right in front of our neighbor's. SEVEN TURNS - TWO CARS - BLINKER USED ONCE. And then I had to go inside, get my wallet, and go buy gas.

Final straw? Mr. T's Jeep is super dirty. The windshield is smudged and when the sun hits it in the can't see sh*t. All day week I had been fantasizing about washing it and the rear window while I pumped gas. AND THE GAS STATION DIDN'T HAVE ANY CLEANING FLUID IN ANY OF THE STATIONS. 

Thank GOODNESS I am taking two vacation days next week. I'm about to straight-up dead some fools if I don't get a break. Wargarble.