November 5, 2012

Thankfuls - Day 5

Thankfuls Recap:

Day 5:
Today I'm thankful for having a permanent, grown-up, full-time job.

Oh, wait. I already said my job. Well, what I was going for with this one is that I'm thankful for vacation time. Because I'm sick of my job. 8D

Okay, I'm not sick of my job. I just need a vacation. I will have been here six months on the 29th and haven't had one single vacation day. So that's not totally true. I've had a couple of half days, for doctor's appointments. And I took off the Friday we closed on our house. But that was while I was a contractor. So I  didn't have paid vacation time. In all my twenty-four years I have not once taken paid time off. I've never been GIVEN paid time off to take! So I'm taking it! I'm taking it all! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And by "all" I mean the two days they gave me that expire at the end of the month. And I'm taking them tomorrow and Wednesday. I will probably be a total laze-balls the entire time and LOVE IT. I *may* shower if I decide to go grocery shopping. Otherwise imma be playing some Assassin's Creed II with Senor Splinter in my lap all day e'ryday.