May 4, 2012


I can't believe it...I'm graduating tomorrow. (!!!)

I haven't written in...a long time. I'm sorry. School got crazy. But it's over! And I'm graduating!! Tomorrow!!! Actually, in almost exactly twelve hours... (!!!!) I'm kind of starting to freak out a little. lol Not really about the physical act of graduation. I mean, I might trip and fall on my face on the stage, but that's the risk you take. I'm freaked out because this is the first summer that isn't a break. I need a job. And not a part-time summer job. A career job. I don't even know how to do that. From now until forever I have no plans, until I get one. I think I'm gonna go pass out. But anyway - I decided to stress about that next week. This week I was still a college student!! Next week I'm an unemployed adult.

My family is coming up tomorrow. My parents, my brother and his wife, Mama N, my uncle and aunt are actually coming up (they actually are going to a concert around here tomorrow, so it's not a trip just for me), Mr. T's mom might be coming...and of course Mr. T. After the ceremony we're gonna have a cookout at our house, then we have to head to East TN for my cousin's wedding. He and his lovely bride decided to get married on the same day as my graduation. I know it wasn't on purpose, just an unfortunate coincidence. But it makes my day way more stressful than I would want it to be.

Oh! Oh Oh Oh!! My sister is pregnant again!! I'm super excited. :D Baby M is just over one year old now, and my sister and her husband were talking about maybe trying again around June. Then she found out she was pregnant. lol! I told her I felt like I should give her "the talk" so these things don't keep happening (same thing happened with Baby M - they thought they might start trying to have a kid soon and then BAM! pregnant). But at least they're grown freaking adults with jobs and stability who are ready to have kids, and not poor college kids, or even high school kids. And I get to be an aunt again! Even though I have to admit I like toddler Baby M way more than I liked baby Baby M. They aren't interesting...they just cry and poop. I know I'll feel differently when I have one, but for now...babies aren't super interesting. ;)

Mood swing! I'm starting to get in a funk. See paragraph one. I'm so terrified of becoming an adult. I know it's silly. But I've only ever been a student. Bah! Whatever. It will be fine. Next week I'm going to start applying everywhere. Here in Mid TN, Huntsville, South Carolina, Florida...Hawaii...where else? I'm going to apply all over the place! And I'm going to get an awesome job and it's gonna be great. Right? I'm so scared I won't be able to... Working at the air force base has destroyed any confidence I might have had at being a good employee. And phone interviews... *shudder* ...they terrify me.

Guh - I'm being too emo. Lighthearted topic, now!!

Took Splinter and Khat to the vet (aka, my sister) today. She stuck her finger up Splinter's butt and got poop out. I think he had the same expression on his face that I did. And neither one of us wanted to sit down for awhile afterward. I may even be more traumatized, because I'm pretty sure he's already forgotten and I still have the heebie-jeebies. We have to go back next Thursday to get blood test results and teeth cleaned. Splinter also needs his nails trimmed. It's gonna be a party!

Oh! One of the guys in the department has a wife (shocking, I know) who is a photographer, and she spiked my hair up in a mohawk and took a bunch of pictures. Another one of our friends came to help. Considering none of us have ever spiked up a ended alright. Not quite liberty spikes, but not quite a solid fan of hair, either. It was actually kind of cool - looked like vines, almost, maybe. Anyway - PICTURES! She texted me one...I'm hoping it's okay to post on here. Hmm...

Me and Mr. T


Fun story - her instructor told her the pictures needed more boob. Said covering them made it look too forced, or something. I feel like there was enough boob to make it awkward for everyone involved, thankyouverymuch. But it was an...interesting...experience. Considering I've had a mohawk-style haircut for several months and never spiked it up I think it was about time. As far as topless pictures...well that was a first. And I'm not sure it will be repeated all that often in my future.

Anywhoodles - this is much too long of a post. BYE!