May 30, 2012

First Day(s)

Technically I've already worked two days, but yesterday when I got home I changed into PJs and sat down on the couch...didn't get up until I went to bed. Today went...almost the same way. It's not that the work's strenuous or anything (I mean, come ON - it's me here), I just have to wake up so early... And my dear darling husband stays up soooo late!! So we never see each other any more. Sad face. And yes, it's only been two days. :P Leave me alone.

Anyway, first day. I had my outfit all laid out the night before...and I didn't change my mind last minute or anything. Mr. T cooked me breakfast (d'aww...) - it was just eggs, but it was sweet because my husband woke up at 6:00 to cook me food. You don't know us if you don't realize how sweet that is. This morning he woke up mumbling about Armageddon and Subways. I don't know, it is what it is. So. I get up, get dressed, have breakfast, drive to work. I got stuck behind a stupid dog grooming van that went 5mph under the speed limit the entire way. It's nearly an hour drive and only a two-lane road. Sh*t gets real out there, people. Get to work. Little bit early, probably about 20 minutes. Traffic really wasn't that bad. Found out today that's because I got there so early. When you're getting to work on time traffic suuuuucks. Also, when you're leaving traffic suuuuuucks. When I got there I met with a rep from the recruiting firm. Really nice guy. He always forgets which floor the company is on. Heh. He dropped me off then went on with his day. It's nice of them to do that, but it seemed kind of silly.

I spent most of the first day installing software. Visual Studio and a million other MS products. It's kind of freaking me out how Microsoft-heavy the office is. My boss uses IE, guys...IE. But it's a really cool place, anyway. ;) I also had to fill out some (more) paperwork, and got a tour of the office. It's a maze, guys. So confusing. It all looks the same. I wish I could upload a picture of the map - yes, I got a map. I can get from the elevators to my cubicle, the bathroom, and the break room. And the office of the HR person I had to turn the paperwork in to. Oh, fun fact - they don't put names on any doors. They're on the map. But just first initial, last name. So after I interact with someone I find their office/cubicle/whatever location and write out their first name on the map. I have my desk highlighted, and I have it propped against my cubicle wall so the layout matches real life. I was quite proud of myself.

What else? My boss took the whole IT department out for lunch! Yup, all three of us went to a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious. I think that's about it. The few "work" things I did were really basic. People from around the company email us and say "update such-and-such Web page in this way" and we do it. Each issue takes like 2 minutes. They would go a lot faster if Boss didn't have to explain everything to me. Also, lots and lots of automatically generated emails from various systems. I made about four folders in Outlook (yes, more MS) just to filter them out of my inbox. It's madness.

Today I spent most of the day going through tutorials. Spent a good portion of my morning on MVC and was told they didn't use MVC. Oh, well. Knowledge is power. Mr. T and roommate drove up to take me to lunch. We ate at some delicious place that took nearly 30 minutes to get us our food. Good thing we're fast eaters. :P And I get an hour lunch. Fa-a-ancy. At the end of the day Boss gave me a glimpse into the world of their payroll software. It's....crazy. I've never seen a real, honest-to-goodness useful project. School stuff is pretty simple because everyone has to be able to do it, and do it in a timely manner. This little guy was a bit overwhelming. Using SQL stored procedures to access databases of information (thousands of entries). Then (never heard of it until today...) to call the stored procedures. Then a ton of C# code to get all that data and turn it into one huge freaking text document for the whatever company to have their way with it. There were so many was kind of exciting. lol! I'm tired.

Tomorrow I go back to ASP...then a little ADO. It looked really straightforward, though. Shouldn't be too hard. I need to brush up on my C# also. It's been...a few years. lol When I get home I watch Weeds. Except now I'm all caught up on what Netflix has to offer. They're only missing one season. And the newest season is about to start. But it's on stupid Showtime. Who the f is gonna pay for that s? Not this guy, I tell you that. Also, True Blood is started back soon. HBO. Balls. If I could just pay for HBO/Showtime I would be all over that shizz. But if the only way they can allow me to watch delightful TV legally is by payout out the butt for it? Well then, I guess I just won't. I need to go get our cable cancelled. The only person who watches it is Mr. T's friend if he crashes on our couch. And he just turns on ESPN for the noise. I'll get a radio.

It's almost 11:00. I need to get a shower and get in bed. I take showers at night now! That extra sleep in the morning is GREAT. I don't feel like finding a picture for this post. I hope you read it anyway. And then go read all my old ones. And then tell all your friends. I'm so interesting!