May 20, 2012

Over 9000


I have started about three or four different posts since the last time I wrote. None were ever completed. It seems like since I've gotten out of school and acquired all this glorious free time I haven't had time to do anything. Here is a quick re-cap followed by a promise (you'll like the promise, I promise).

I got the job! I should start this week. Not sure on the exact day, because it's dependent on when my background check gets back. Probably not tomorrow, but maybe by Tuesday or Wednesday. (Woo!) Speaking of "Woo!" - when I left the contracting company Friday after I filled out all my paperwork I got on the Interstate and felt an overwhelming sense of "Woo!" come over me. So I did what they always do in the movies - I let out a "Woo!" wasn't as fun as I had thought it would be. I kind of felt silly. I'm glad I left out the fist pump I had contemplated. Maybe it's because I thought about doing it before I did it. It wasn't instinctual. I wasn't totally in the moment by the time I worked up the courage to do it. Or maybe I'm just too awkward of a person. I feel like you shouldn't have to work up courage to do something like that. You should just do it. I'm a failure.

In preparation for my upcoming job....I am going to clean my car (can't have a trashy car for my first day at my first real job!!), clean house (what I should be doing right now instead of this), spend my $25 credit at Plato's Closet (going in the morning to try to avoid crowds - they need a bigger building), deposit the last of my graduation money (uncle mailed me a check last week - woo!), pick out an outfit (wtf do you wear for your first day at your first real job?!), and start getting in bed by midnight (that is going to be so much harder than you can imagine).

I have this evening and tomorrow to get all this done. This evening is dedicated to cleaning - clean out the car, wash and vacuum out the car, park the car NOT under the tree where it gets pooped on; tidy up the house; do laundry. I washed all of Mr. T's clothes last night but didn't get to any of mine. Not that any of the dirty ones are ones I would wear to work...I definitely need to shop for work clothes. Definitely. Tomorrow I am going by the bank to deposit the check and cash in all our loose change. You have no idea how much loose change we have. I'll be sure to let you know. Or at least post it on my Facebook page.

Holy crap, I got totally distracted and almost forgot to finish this post, too. I'm going to wrap up now so that doesn't happen. And, since I promised you a promise:

I am setting a goal to post once a day every day for the month of June. (Pssshhhh...we'll see how long that lasts, amiright?)