August 30, 2013

BioShock: Infinite, Day 2

Day 1

So some weird stuff happened last night when I tried to play the game. Turn on the PS3, go to BioShock: Infinite (yup, BioShock is right underneath it >.<), click it....and the TV is all "I gots no signal!" After I ejected the disc the PS menu appeared again. Put the disc back in and the game started automatically, no problems. But when I started up actual game play, my analog sticks weren't working. I could hit Start and go into the menu and the left one would work (I'm not sure the right one even does anything in the menu, anyway) but as soon as I went back into the game, nothing. I was just dangling from this railing like a dummy. By the way - where does he store that crazy hook arm? Because when you're walking around he has a gun in one hand and his magic twitchy thing going on with the other. But as soon as you need to jump up and grab a hook or get on that railing he's all "I GOTS A HOOK HAND!"

I digress. The point is, I had to restart the game like 3 times before it started working. Very strange.

At any rate, once I did start playing it was telling me to go get some Shock Jock, which I thought I had already done. I swear I had. But the way I got it...I definitely didn't do it that way before. So I don't know what happened. I had to go the "Hall of Heroes" which consisted of a couple of different areas that had reenactments of a couple of battles. One with Native Americans and one with the Chinese. More racism, guys! Anyway, there's some guy who was actually a soldier who fought in the wars that is pissed that this prophet is taking all the credit and I have to get the shock jock from him. He sends all his soldiers to fight me, because they'd rather die by the hands of a human than by the prophet's "tin men". So that's weird. Also, apparently I was a solider at one point and this guy knows me. I'm not sure if I would have known that had I played the first two BioShock games...I'm assuming I would. But whatever.

After I slaughter all the soldiers (I only died a couple times, I swear!) I catch up to him and he's all hurt and stuff and is like "Finish me!" and I have another choice! Spare him or shoot him. I spared him. Maybe I shouldn't have. I don't know. So far it hasn't come back to haunt me yet. But my hand is still wrapped up in a bandage from getting stabbed. Funny,  I can get shot - a lot - and even die and get revived. But that stab wound,'s no joke! 8P

Uh, yeah. So the shock jock is to power the ship we're going to use to escape. We get on it and even though I told the girl I was hired to take her to someone she is still surprised that I'm taking her to New York instead of Paris. So she knocks me out and takes over the ship. Little b*tch. We end up...somewhere. The leader of the Vox-something talks to me. She's the one that supposedly killed the prophet's wife and their little band are the ones who are at war with the prophet. She tells me if I get them a bunch of guns we can have our ship back. Then I have to chase the stupid little cunt girl I rescued all over the place because she's pissed we aren't going to Paris. She gets captured and almost dies a few times.

Oh - the place we are now is the factory for this guy named Fink who creates all the steampunky aspects of the world. And I'm probably going to have a run-in with a handyman soon. Basically this guy almost died of stomach cancer, so Fink put his head on this giant robot body and now those (I'm assuming he has since made more than just the one) are his goons. No one that works for him ever gets any vacation or sick leave and their lives are very structured. I think they should stage an uprising or something. Just sayin'. Anyway, I've seen a couple of handymen (or the same one twice, depending on if there are multiple) including a sort-of fight with one during a cut scene. But I have yet to have to fight one. Apparently if I shoot them in the heart it will cause more damage, thanks to a helpful little screen tip that caused me to panic for about 10 minutes thinking I was about to have to fight one.

Yeah, I didn't get very far last night. I only played for a couple of hours. I had to watch Project Runway! And then I passed out on the couch. I stayed up too late the night before, okay?? >.<

Yeah - that guy. Oh! I did see one of them early on, for all the white people to marvel at (racism - it's everywhere in this game). It was kind of like the old Frankenstein movie with the fire and how it caused the monster to panic and then get murdered. They were taking pictures of him with those old flash-bulb cameras and he was flinching away and covering his face. I was like "That's probably foreshadowing for my death later on..." So, yeah. I have a bad feeling about these guys. Maybe they will one day be my allies??