August 21, 2013

Going Legit

You guys.

Yooooou guuuuuys...

I'm sleepy. And hungry. This whole "lifestyle change" is a mild form of starvation, I think. I have a banana staring at me right now, but I'm trying to save it for after 2:00. It's all I have to look forward to until dinner. Which is going to be DELICIOUS, by the way. Grilled chicken and corn on le cob. And I'll probably eat half a gallon of pistachios when I get home. Man, I love those things. One fun thing - Mr. T and I have both noticed improvements in the bathroom department. Ever since Bonnaroo my intestines have been piiiiiissed at me. I'm glad that's all getting sorted. It really is better to eat healthier. Duh.

But gee willikers, that's not the point of this post.

I maybe don't pimp out my husband's art gallery enough on this blog. Or I pimp it out way too much. I never know. I'm bad with knowing where lines are and when I've crossed them. As you may have noticed by the awkward poo discussion earlier. Anyway - go like the Facebook page. Yet again - I've gotten off topic.

The point of this post is to let you know that I'm going legit with my blog. It may be a mistake and ruin my life, but I'm going to buy a domain and hosting! And not have ".blogspot" in my URL! I just have to find the time to do it... I was going to do it Sunday night, but my sister came over to hang out. I was going to do it Monday night, but a friend of mine who had just graduated came over to hang out. I was going to do it last night, but I was so exhausted from waking up early to do other things I hadn't done due to people coming over to hang out the first two nights that I went to bed early. Tonight isn't looking so good, because we're grilling out and I've invited people to grill with us. Which  Mr. T doesn't know about because he hasn't called me, so I'm washing my hands of the responsibility. (I sent him a text asking him to call me when he's free, because I usually call on my lunch break but he was going out with his grandmother and uncle so I didn't want to bother him.) And tomorrow I want to go clothes shopping. If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember the status I posted where I was speculating that an article of clothing had been peed on by one of my feline enemies. Well it was my shoe. I need new shoes. I also need:

  • black heels (Splinter chewed up my only pair)
  • at least two pair of flats (I was down to the one and now those smell like cat pee - plus they weren't all that great to begin with)
  • dresses or skirts - I want maybe 2 more? I like feeling pretty, but most of the stuff I own isn't work-wear
  • work pants - I neeeeeed more pants! I've only had about 4 pair for the past...oh, year and a half? The ones I have on today have the hem stapled up because I'm lazy. Plus, I hate all of them since I've worn them so much
  • shirts - I need all the shirts! Like my pants, I'm sick of everything I've worn for the past forever. I've only bought clothes twice since beginning here. I NEED MORE CLOTHES.
....time passes....

Speak of the devil - Mr. T called me! He's fine with people coming over, so hooray! But now I've completely lost my train of thought...

Did I ever actually post what I came here to post? I'm buying domains and hosting for the gallery and this blog. The gallery is going to have a legit "this is a website" site, so I'm more concerned with that one. For this, I'm just gonna go with Wordpress, most likely. I feel kind of dirty talking about it here, like talking to your mistress while you're in the room with your wife or something. Yes, Blogger - I'm leaving you! Don't cry!! You've done nothing for me the past...two years. Nothing!

I'm also thinking about manually moving my posts over. That way I have to re-read all of them, and can start adding appropriate tags and whatnot. I dunno, I may not. We'll see how productive I feel. 8P

I think I need to stop typing now. GOODBYE.