August 23, 2013

Friday Tunes

Day 28: A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty

Hmm... This is a tricky one. I can't think of any songs that make me feel legitimately guilty. I tried to think of "guilty pleasure" songs, but I'm not really embarrassed to like any of the music that I like. Oh, oh - I know!

I feel like I need to explain myself. So I had just recently discovered Here Come the Mummies. And they were playing at Live on the Green in Nashville. I was also teaching as a GTA in the CS department. It was time for class to start and I needed to print something off. I think I taught a 8:00am class, so the office wasn't open before class and I had forgotten to do it the day before. So I was like "Well, I'll play them a YouTube video while I run to the office!" And then I was like "I should try and introduce them to something new and free - Live on the Green! And this band I barely know anything about!"

When you do a YouTube search for here come the mummies, "Pants" is the top video. So I clicked it, and left. I get back and it's all "I'm coming in my pants!" and I'm all "oh my lawd, I just played THAT to all my students?!" So, yeah...I guess I feel guilt over that? Or just extreme embarrassment? Or it's whatever - they're a bunch of college kids, they've probably lived out the song already.