August 5, 2013


I was sitting here trying to think of something to write about when I realized...I didn't used to have to have something to write about. I used to just ramble for a bit, and then stop when my brain shut down. So this is going to be one those rambling, pointless posts you guys used to love so much. You're welcome.

This is always a busy time for us, these few weeks between July and August. My birthday is July 21. Mr. T's is August 3. And our anniversary is August 14. For my birthday, Mr. T got a giant friggin 3D TV. The beauty of being a tattoo artist is that you can do stuff like trade tattoo time for a TV. So we didn't pay for it. The barter system is alive and well in this country, you just have to find it. He also spent about $200 on a 9" tablet that shoots 3D videos. We haven't actually attempted that yet, though. Mostly I just play Candy Crush Saga on it and curse the stars above. I've used it as an e-reader as well. It's nice to have a back-lit option for inside. Since I got my Kindle for my birthday right before they released the Paperwhite. So pissed. lol I had asked for books for my birthday and no one - no one - bought me books. Well, my brother did. But it's more dramatic when I say "no one". Sorry, brother. Everyone (except my brother) gave me money. So I bought books! So many books... I think it was like 14 for the Kindle and 5 physical books. That reminded me to check and see if they were delivered and THEY WERE!! I have books waiting on me back at the house. Weee... If you want to know (I know you do!) I got: 642 Things to Draw, 642 Things to Write About, and Wreck This Boxed Set. I also got a case for the tablet.

For Mr. T's birthday, I got him just a few little things. A Bill Murray pillow, a Ghostbusters t-shirt, and a poster with the rules to Fight Club on it. We're also going to send his Vita in to get repaired. We don't discuss the Vita. Just...don't mention it around us. We'll get it fixed and everything will be fine. Oh, also for his birthday we went to The Pottery Place at The Avenue. I went with the ladies from our small group at church a few months ago and thought he would enjoy it. Oh my goodness - he loved it! We were there for six hours, guys. SIX HOURS! He took reference materials. >.< He ended up doing an incredibly intricate Ghostbusters mural on a mug. I have a feeling we're going to be going back there a lot. Which I'm totally okay with! It's a ton of fun, and allows us to spend some great one-on-one time together not in front of a TV.

Anyway, here is Mr. T's super-impressive mug:

And here is my much-less-impressive giraffe piggy-bank (giraffy-bank?):

I was so pissed when that heart messed up. So pissed! But I can't wait to see them glazed and fired! If you've never been to one of these places, the colors are way more pastel and muted before the glaze and firing. It takes about a week before you can go back and pick them up. I've only ever been on a Saturday, and the pickup time for that is Friday after 3:00. I'm not sure if it's the same every other day of the week, but I would assume so.

Ahh...where was I? Right, our anniversary. We've been sticking to the traditional gifts to help us each year. I thought I had pictures of the previous two years, but I only have them of what I gave to Mr. T. >.< I'm going to start a scrapbook soon, so I need to get pictures!! Anyway, Year #1 is paper. Mr. T sketched several scenes from our wedding pictures onto paper and made a shadow box using pom poms and plastic flowers we'd had at the wedding. I'm not describing it well, but trust me - it's snazzy. I did a boudoir shoot for him. Here is the only picture the photographer released:

She's a Christian photographer, and a friend of ours - she also did our engagement, wedding, and trash the dress shoot - so I'm not going to post more. She stipulates that they are for husbands' eyes only. 8} But that is totally my lime green bra. So naughty! I miss fun hair...

Year #2 is cotton. I bought him about $200 worth of socks, underwear, t-shirts, and PJ pants. 8D

I was really proud of my pile. lol! You can kind of see what he got me in this picture - it was a suuuuper nice sheet set. It actually had a thread count! I don't remember what it is, now, but know that it had one! Those sheets are sexy, let me tell you. I think I'm going to put them back on the bed when I get home today.

Year #3 is leather, and I'm not going there. Like I said - I'm gonna scrapbook this shiz, and I don't want my kids seeing some dominatrix bs 20 years from now. I won't post what I bought him, since I haven't given it to him yet. Just know it's awesome. 8}

I've gone on for too long. Fin.