June 1, 2012

June Posts / Friday Tunes

So, I made a promise to you that I would post every day in June. Well, I'm working reaaaal hard on keeping that promise. So hard, in fact, that it is actually May 24 and I already have about four posts typed up. Yes, this is Past Sarah talking to you. Which isn't nearly as impressive as if Future Sarah were doing it, but...we do what we can. This month's gonna be a party, y'all.

And, since it's going to be Friday when this post is published, I'm going to post a Friday Tunes. To help me stay regular with my Friday Tunes, I'm going to be utilizing a little thing I found on FB from forever and ever ago, called 30 Day Song Challenge. Since I'm only doing one song a week, this is going to take awhile. But, considering I never finished it back in 2011...it will go faster than it did last time!! I made it through 20 songs, though, so I'm going to post the original song from my first run through, and then if I disagree with my choice from back then I'll post an updated one also. Two for the price of one!!

Day One: My Favorite Song

2011: "Sister Wife" by Alex Winston

2012: "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye