July 11, 2013

Cutting Glass Bottles with FIRE

Or: Someone help us all, Mrs. Wilson is lighting acetone on fire in the kitchen.

Alright - I'm attempting to participate in "The Pintester Movement" (round two). Cutting it close (ahahahaha - "cutting" because glass and fire and cutting with them, and then also cutting it close on time - ahahahaha)

I'm cutting it close on time, since this is due just a few hours from now, but I'm gonna try to get it posted and sent to her before the deadline. I think it's around 8:00 or 9:00 tonight.

So, yeah... You basically take some sort of yarn or thread or whatever, soak it in acetone, wrap it around a cylinder of glass, set it on fire, don't die, then dump it in ice water. The glass snaps in half and you suddenly have a strange, tiny drinking device that really serves no purpose, but hey - you got to play with fire.

In Madam Pintester's attempt she made a vlog. And also failed pretty hard. But it's okay, because she had pretty hair. Man I miss dying my hair!! So...I attempted to also shoot some videos. They're still on my phone as of right now, but maybe by the end of this post they'll be on YouTube and I'll embed them. WE'LL SEE.

She doesn't link back to the original pin in her post, but I know I've pinned something like this before...let me see if I can find it. Hmmm...this one will work! They cut the bottom off of them, but CLOSE ENOUGH. That's the one I've been wanting to do, but I don't drink wine. And I don't pay extra for the fancy bottles of liquor. But I think I just might...because it would be so pretty!

Okay, here are my glass bottles and my bowl of ice. Everything's gonna be going down over the nice, fire-proof sink. We haven't lived in our house long enough for me to be okay with burning it down in the name of DIY. Maybe in a few months...

And waaaaaay over in the corner is my bowl with acetone in it. (It's the little dish in front of the crock pot.) I apologize for the mess. Truth be known, I passed out on the couch around 8:30 and Mr. T woke me up at 9:00 to do this. I was grumpy and just wanted to go back to bed. So I wasn't motivated to clean. SORRY.

Alright, here I am tying some yarn (it was 100% acrylic, Madam Pintester) around the bottle. I only wrapped it twice.

And here I am setting it on FIRE. FIIIIIRE!! Well, about to set it on fire, because the actual process is...ON VIDEO!!!! (Going to upload to YouTube, brb.)


So, yeah...it kind of worked! Except it didn't. And then Mr. T pointed the camera at my boobs for awhile. At least YouTube rotated the video. It was sideways when I watched it on my computer pre-YouTube. omg, guys - I'm on YouTube!

Alright, Mr. T tried to use hemp. SPOILER ALERT - didn't work. I'm not gonna post the video, because it didn't even catch on fire a little bit.

So on my 2nd try we did a LOT of yarn!! It burned longer and hotter (maybe?) so we were hoping it'd work better. Oh, wait, no - on my 2nd try we did a lot of yarn, but didn't burn it for too long, so I'm thinking the heat didn't make it all the way to the glass.

The third time I tried it we let it burn for a long long time and it got super hot and...IT WORKED!! I mean, kind of. It's a little sharp and uneven, but Mr. T is going to try to smooth it out with a dremel. And then I'll probably take the wrapper off and spray paint it, because it's all charred and gross.

And now for some saaaaaad news! Midway through filming my 3rd attempt, my phone crapped out. Hard. I had about 9GB of images and videos on there. 9GB, you guys! So my phone ran out of memory, stuttered to a stop, spazzed out SUPER HARD and I almost never got into my galleries to purge all my images. They went all the way back to when I almost burned our rental down with a faulty toaster!! Luckily, I've been backing up all my images/videos to Dropbox since February, so I could delete from my phone without fear. Well, I did lose everything prior to February, so you missed out on a picture of some charred frozen waffles that got wedged in a toaster and caught on fire, but I didn't notice it until the entire house was full of smoke because the firefighters were all "We're not going to put a smoke detector in the kitchen, because you'll take the batteries out the first time you burn dinner, right? *heyuck" So the smoke had to get all the way into our hallway before any alarms went off. BY THEN I COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD. You know, we still don't have a new toaster? And now I really want some waffles...

What was the point of all this? Oh, right - cutting glass. Yeah, I did it. Go me.