July 1, 2013

DIY Art!

Alright, I disappeared for a bit, but none of you noticed so shaddup.

I'm going to do it! I'm taking something I pinned forEVer ago, and I'm going to attempt it! Here are my supplies. See if you can figure it out:

Crayons, hot glue gun, and canvas. Hmmm.... WHAT COULD IT BE?! ;)

8} *squee!! Yeah, it's gotten super popular, but suck it. I'll be that weird woman with the "That's SO 2010's" art hanging in my house, like the people that still have the crazy 70s flower wallpaper. But I! Don't! Care! I LOVE IT! Sorry, I also really like that song.

Anyway - put crayons IN a hot glue gun! Brilliant! I'm not super clever/crafty myself, but I will darn sure steal other people's clever ideas. So, yeah - got the supplies above. The people with the pretty rain one said they bought three boxes and used all the shades of blue. They had a coupon for Crayola, but I did not, so RoseArt it is. They said it they used less than 20 crayons for the whole thing. Here are all my blues:

So pretty! I'm going to use this picture:

So....wish me luck! I have no clue how this is going to work, but I bought a cheap-o glue gun at Hobby Lobby so I wouldn't ruin our current cheap-o glue gun we bought at Walmart forever ago. 8}

I mean, hey - this kids did it:


Although, the girls' kind of suck, and I'm guessing the boy had help from his mom...it's too perfect. Oh, oh, oh - if it goes well, I might try to get FANCY with it!!!