July 29, 2013

Half-Bath, Part 2: Paint, Paint, and more Paint

Part 1

Sorry for the lack of updates on the bathroom. It's because we're the slowest remodelers ever. My first post about this was on the 14th and here we are, two weeks later and the room is maybe halfway done. All we're doing is painting! Heaven help us if we ever get into demo remodels... Anyway, here are some pictures:

color palette, sorry the black is on black, but you know what black looks like

removed hardware/spackled
There were FOUR anchors for the screws holding the tp on the wall. I tried to pull them out and the drywall started bowing. PAINTED OVER.

first coat of white

second coat of white
so pretty and clean...

first coat of black
No pictures of second coat, but these are bad enough you can't see the red coming through, I don't think. If you can, just know we added a 2nd coat so it isn't there now.

Installing the light. Makes the room even darker, but not as dark as these pictures make it seem.

So, yeah...that's where we are. Well, I've splotched on the off-white over the white, but those pictures look like crap, due to the lighting and lack of a decent camera. They're also not easily accessible right now. So I guess you're get TWO painting posts. At the rate we're going, the next one will be go up around December. 8P

Mr. T started working on the stencils for the picture frames. I'm working up the courage to begin trying to stencil in the birch trees on the white area. We're...I'd say halfway done with painting. We got a lot of surface area covered, but the details are going to be more tedious.

Oh, and that art? We just had our silent auction at the gallery (you should really come out to one sometime!) and I bid $75 on them, plus another $20 on a smaller piece of art from the same artist. She turned me down. I knew it would be a possibility, but it was worth a shot! The worst part about it was when Mr. T asked her how much she would be willing to take - open the floor up for some negotiation, you know? - and she said "I don't know."


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you don't sell your art. Thank you, and have a good day. Hopefully there will be some cool stuff coming in this month that I can bid on.