October 2, 2011

Boo October

Don't get me wrong - October is great. You got Halloween, the start of Fall, the new Paranormal Activity will be coming out soon. Holy balls that looks scary. FYI - if you don't like the Paranormal Activity movies, stop reading my blog now. We are no longer friends. (Only kidding - I need the page hits. Just don't tell me they suck, or I'll cut you.)

I do love me some Halloween parties, too. We're invited to one where you have to dress up like a superhero/supervillain. But you have to make it up yourself. So no Batman or anything. We have a few ideas: Alcoholic Girl and her trusty sidekick Drunk Boy (This one mostly consists of us consuming large quantities of alcohol, which will probably happen anyway - I think it's a booze party, at least. If it isn't, our costumes will make no sense.); Tat and Too: Wonder Twins from the planet Ink (This one would involve me not wearing a lot of clothing, due to the location of most of my tattoos.); and The Steam Punks (This one would involve a lot of work in coming up with costumes). 

But no, I have a good reason for saying "Boo October" this month. Just over a month ago October seemed so far away. When Mr. T wanted to watch crappy B scary movies, I postponed it with "You can watch as many scary movies as you want come October." Last night he fell asleep to some weird movie set way in the past (think knights and such) that somehow involved witches and zombies. Tonight it's Bikini Girls on Ice. I know, right?! Contrary to my love of Paranormal Activity and Saw, I really dislike scary movies. Even bad ones.

Also, I have 2 homework assignments and a project due tomorrow (two of which are not finished), another project due Tuesday, and an exam on Wednesday. So, October blows. At least the first week. It should be awesome near the end. No verdict on the middle yet.

Side note - I think I'm going to dye my hair back to my natural color, but keep the sides short with a long streak down the middle. Like Anya, from Project Runway. I am curious about how popular this hairstyle is going to be now. I know as soon as I saw it I loved it. And even thought "If I do that...I'll just be a copycat. But it's so awesome!"