October 1, 2011

Saturday Tunes

Every Friday (this week I'm doing Saturday instead, for some reason) I'm going to post a music video. I have a few friends who choose to be rather ...  judgmental ... of my music. So I will warn you now that I will be choosing videos/songs that make me smile, or even laugh out loud. It may be ridiculous, over-the-top, offensive, or just plain bad ("Friday" anyone??) - but when I saw it the first (hundred) times, it brightened my day. I hope it does the same for you.

So I've mentioned before that I read dooce. Well, she's a recovering Mormon, and I have actually learned a lot about Mormonism from her. She posted this video...I have no idea when. I read her new posts, but I am also going through and reading all her archives (she started her blog in 2001, and I'm up to 2007). So I don't know if this was from a new entry or an old one...but it doesn't matter. I love Alex Winston's voice, and this is a bizarre song about sister wives. The video is super trippy. It makes me happy inside to just listen to it over and over...there is probably some subliminal message in there, because there isn't another song I've heard that I will do that with.