January 28, 2012

Probably More Than You Want To Know

I can never remember which words should be capitalized in titles, so my default move is to just capitalize all of them. And that's what I did. Right up there. In the title. In case you don't know what I'm talking about. Which wouldn't be unusual.


Good grief - if you were to count the number of times I've said specific words (excluding silly things like "the" and "of" and..."and"), "anyway" would probably be right at the top. Maybe because I get off topic and ramble? Sometimes? Maybe.


This is the part that is Probably More Than You Want To Know. Just a warning before you read any further. You're welcome. PMTYWTK? Nah, too long. Okay - back on topic. My birth control prescription ran out at the end of December. I thought it would last through January since I got a card in the mail saying I was scheduled for my yearly check up in February. So when I went earlier this month to pick up my pills, I was going to ask when it ran out. Turns out it already had. Huzzah!

I'm planning on switching over BC methods for...well, reasons that are definitely MTYWTK. And because of that, I didn't really want to phone in another prescription. And yes, I'm sure the doctor could have called in a one-month prescription, but do you know who you're dealing with here? Yeah - didn't happen. So we've just been using condoms the past month. My cousin and his wife have been married longer than we have, and that's the only BC they've ever used. And they haven't gotten pregnant. But now one of my single friends is in a bit of a pregnancy scare and it's got me kind of paranoid. To be fair I don't know if she used any form of BC when The Incident occurred (and she might not even be pregnant), but it's still scary. The bright side is I might be to be a god mother! Huzzah!

In other news, I woke up with the sniffles today and it's sad. And I may get popcorn lung from the excessive amount of popcorn I eat.

Here is a cute little... hamster? Mouse? Something...eating some corn. Just because I wanted a picture to show up when I posted this link on Facebook. Logic isn't required here, people!! Also, I'm not sure why they spelled "corn" wrong...it might not have been on purpose.