January 24, 2012


Okay, all my fans out there - what am I going to do with this hair on my head??

Picture upload time!!!

Okay, so this is how I usually wear my hair. Can you tell it's a Mohawk? NOT FROM THE FRONT! Some might even see I kind of look like a Justin Beiber. Gross.

It's a little more clear from the back. Sorry this picture sucks so hard. I tried like six times and they were all fails. From this angle you still can't really tell it's a Mohawk. By the by - did you know "Mohawk" is supposed to be capitalized? According to Blogger's spell check it is, anyway.


...ANYway - this is if I part it all the way on the side and you look at it from the side and all the stars have aligned. MOHAWK!

So...obviously the sides need to be buzzed. Obviously. The main reason I'm showing you all my lovely face is because I'm also thinking about bringing the shaved bits up more. What I tried (and failed) to do with these pictures is show you how wide the...long?...part of my hair is. It's pretty much the entire top of my head. And as said "long part" gets longer, I'm going to need to part it all over to one side. And with it being as wide as it is...I don't think it's going to work. So I plan on shaving off another....about 1/2 an inch...on each side.

What do you think??


Anya Ayoung-Chee