January 29, 2012

Sunday Movie Review

So I only occasionally do a Friday Tunes, and even more rarely do a Saturday Product Placement...why not throw in another weekend thing that I don't do?? Introducing................SUNDAY MOVIE REVIEW!!!!

This week I'm going to review Limitless.

I give it... 3/5 stars.

Out of the four of of watching it, two (the dudes) really liked it and the other two (the chicks) were like...meh. She just thought it was boring. I had issues with the plot. And not the "there's no way that would happen" issues, like I usually do. The main character was extremely unlikable. The guys disagreed with me on that point.


So he starts out as an "author" who is basically just a failure at life. He has a contract, but hasn't written a word of the novel. His girlfriend dumps him because she's tired of taking care of his sorry butt. Then he runs into his ex-wife's brother who was a low-class drug dealer back when he knew him. Dude gives him this random pill, but swears he's no longer a dealer, this is a legit drug that's approved by the FDA.  So he's like...la la la...okay, I'll take it! And of course goes all voodoo magic with the smarts it gives you, or whatever.

He gets all productive and has sex with a married woman then writes part of his book. The publisher or whoever loves it. Then he panics because the drug wore off and he's back to being a useless human being. So he goes to get more from the ex-brother-in-law and after Dude makes him run some errands he comes back to find him dead. So of course he steals his stash of magic pills. Starts taking them like crazy. Then he has a weird blackout where he can't account for something like 20 hours. And a woman turns up dead.

This man's stalking him, blah blah blah. He gets back with his girlfriend because she thinks he's turned his life around. Ah - but that happened before the blackout night with the murdering and such. So he's cheated on his girlfriend now. He becomes an amazing stock broker. Doesn't care that he's taking mysterious, illegal, and stolen drugs that someone is probably looking for and might notice his amazing nobody-to-somebody story that has amazing timing. (Hint - they are, and they do)

He tries to get off the drug because of the weird blackout thing and starts getting really sick. That's when he finds out if you get off it you die. So he's got this limited supply and he'll die when he runs out. Also, his girlfriend leaves him (again) because he's not really a better person. Some more stuff happens, blah blah blah...

Now it's a few years later and he's running for Senate or something. This man who used to be his boss shows up and is all "Dude, I know how you did this, and I've closed down all your suppliers - you have to obey everything I tell you or I'll cut you off and you die." And then he's all "Dude - I'm freaking brilliant and figured out how to get off the pill and stay this brilliant (and - most importantly - not die)!! I don't need your stupid drugs, so gtfo." And the dude's like "...oh. Well, bye then!" And he goes to eat lunch with *drumroll* the girlfriend.

He never learns a lesson. He never does anything good or helpful, like save a life or stop global warming or something....he just benefits himself. There are no repercussions back on him. Sure his girlfriend left him (twice) - but she came back! (twice) A couple of bodyguards died, but they were just hired goons - who cares?? His ex-wife is basically mentally and physically crippled because of the drug and as far as the movie shows he's done nothing to help her.

AND - you see the teal/orange that is the movie poster? That goes on throughout the entire movie. That is my biggest pet peeve in movies, thanks to the linked article.

I've changed my mind.... 2/5 stars.