January 27, 2012

Hair! Update

I did it!! I got my hair cut today. You'll have to wait another day to get normal hair shots, because one of the "Future Professionals," or whatever they call themselves, wanted to curl it. So I let them have fun. And it's crazy looking!!! They should pay me to let them have as much fun as they do. :P

Speaking of money, I had $45 worth of "fun money" I had gotten from my mom and N. It was my splurge money that made the haircut okay (it's only $15, but still). I LOST IT! It fell out of my pocket in the salon and we couldn't find it. They checked security cameras and it didn't look like anyone swiped it, but still. They know me pretty well since I've been going there for nearly two years, so they said if it turned up they'd give me a call.

Not that you care about any of that - picture time! I'll post more tomorrow when I've had a shower and tamed the beast that is these curls...


front left

front right

back right

back left

Crazy, right? Don't worry (or unfortunately?) - it will never look like this again.