January 25, 2012

Another Bizarre Dream

Dude. Dreams. amiright? Weird.

Let's see if I can remember all of last night's dream. I mean, it won't be the same to you as it is to me, because I suck at explaining things. But I'll try.

I was with four friends, and we had been invited to hang out with a group of people. It's weird because we didn't think we would know anyone there, but then my friend Moe was there. But we didn't notice him until we were leaving...

So anyway. They were sitting outside at these weird tables that were kind of just tree stumps. And they were in front of those old-school tents like you see in Civil War movies and stuff. Apparently they get together and camp out? And play Bridge? Because that's what they were doing. But none of the four of us knew how to play. We got stuck at a table with this guy who didn't like us, for some reason, so he didn't teach us how to play. Then all of a sudden he's all "I win!" and I got mad and threw a penny at his head, yelling "OF COURSE YOU WON - YOU NEVER TAUGHT US HOW TO PLAY!" Then we left. And that's when I saw Moe and was all - "Hey!"

But we still left.

I'm not sure how I found this out - if it was pictures on FB or some sort of out of body experience or what - but turns out they had a crazy party. Drugs, alcohol, all sorts of naughty stuff. So we missed out on a great time? Maybe? I'm not sure. It was just kind of "this is what happened when you were gone" information.

At some point in time I met Booth from the TV show Bones. It was actually the character and not the actor. And it was actually in an earlier episode, because I was all "Want me to tell you what happens?!?!" And he was freaking out because he didn't want to know. Spoiler: BONES GETS PREGGERS WITH YO BABY!

I was helping these scientists clean up after their lab got...trashed...somehow. They had all these plants they were trying to save, and I was collecting the fish, because the tanks had been broken. There was this one blue one that jumped out of the cup I had put him in and was chasing me across the floor. I was freaking out and telling the scientists about it and they were all "Dude - that's an octopus!" (They may not have said "dude.") But it was totally an octopus! It was tiny and blue and looked like a fish, because its tentacles looked like fins.

Then Mr. T and I went to a rave with another couple. It was crazy and had all these entrances into the main room using pipes and tiny elf doors and stuff. The lady who took our tickets was from the weird Bridge party we had left. She was all "Dude - you missed a great party!" (She probably said "dude.")


When I told Mr. T he said he was worried about our kids. I kindly pointed out I got all our kids in me right now. Gettin' weird from my crazy dreams. Oh, yeah.