January 6, 2012


Sure, I'll make up some resolutions right off the top of my head. Hmm...

  1. Exercise more
    • obviously
  2. Eat better
    • of course
  3. Write blogs more often. 
    • How unfortunate for you.
  4. Find my journal and start writing in it again.
    • I mean...come on! I've been journal-ing since I was 13 and in the past two years (since about a week before the wedding, actually) I haven't written anything!
  5. Attempt to become more adult-like.
    • I don't really have an option with this one. I'm going to graduate and be forced to find a real job. Mr. T is going to hit the big two-six and not be on his dad's insurance anymore. We may be moving out of state (maybe not, who knows?!)...and on and on. Dear God, just don't let me get pregnant, too.
  6. Hrm... Be more organized.
    • Like coming up with resolutions before the New Year, instead of six days into it.
  7. Get Mr. T to finish my giraffe tattoo.
    • Or my Steampunk tattoo. Or my garter. Or do the Russell Brand portrait. What? Yeah, I'm getting a Russell Brand portrait. Suck it.
  8. Turn this haircut into AWESOME.
    • I need this weird haircut to morph into amazingnicity. By June 30, when my lovely friend eLLe gets married. Will I ever remember I called her that? I need to get organized (see step 6) and list all my friend nicknames somewhere.
  9. Ooohhh...be more crafty!
    • I'm so. jealous. of crafty people! I vow to become one this year!! Ignoring the fact that I tried so hard to be crafty (I typed "crazy" instead of "crafty" - is that a sign??) for the wedding and all my crafts fell straight through. 
  10. Take more pictures.
    • Lots and lots of pictures!!
  11. Print wedding pictures, for crying out loud.
    • Seriously. I've printed four. For my parents. We haven't even framed our engagement pictures yet. Oh!
  12. Frame our engagement pictures.
    • There. It's on the list. It will get done.
  13. Read lots of books. Lots and lots of books.
    • Maybe even write a book? Pshhh...naw.

I'm going to stop with lucky #13 there. Hrm... Maybe I'll keep you posted as I determine how best to live out these resolutions!! Weee!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!