March 20, 2012


Here it is - the dream post. *drumroll*

Let's see if I can remember it all...

Dr. Jeeves came to me, and wanted me to tutor this chick in Biology, of all things. But her exam was over this novel they were supposed to have read, so it had really specific questions, like the color of someone's coat. So I had no clue how to help her, and I went back to Dr. Jeeves' office to explain I couldn't help. There were about 5 people in there, on terminals, one of whom was my friend...Exum. They were apparently creating a really crappy version of Mario using PHP. DONOTQUESTIONITITISADREAM. I asked them the name of it and they all laughed at me, like I was an idiot for not knowing it. I thought at first that was because it was Mario, but it was named something like "Flower" or something...I don't remember. It was just dumb.

So then I took that chick out to the park where my friend CK Dubtown's brother and a bunch of other people were getting together. We all sat in a circle and...imagined? I don't really understand this part. We all sat in a circle and stuff...with our minds. I don't remember what they were doing, but I walked off. I laid down on  a bench and imagined I could fly. It was pretty epic. First I had to imagine there was a track running up from the end of the bench, where my feet were, so I could get a running start straight up. Then I had to imagine wings and how to fly...then I was flying. And my body was down there on the bench and I was like...well I'm not in it anymore, so it should be invisible. And I made it invisible. So I'm flying around, and I see all them sitting there in their circle and I thought "That's not very smart - they're outside of their bodies, but their bodies are still there in plain sight."

And that's all I really remember.

Woo, dreams!


When I told Mr. T about my dream, he told me about one of his. In his dream, he bought the tattoo machines he's been wanting. Only he bought them off of his old drama teacher, and she kept them on a necklace. They were also miniature.

AND he told me about a guy who was tripping on PCP and saw a Mexican cleaning lady. She sold him the color yellow and it tasted like pineapple. So he of course got her tattooed on him by one of the artists at Mr. T's shop.