March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games


I haven't read the books yet. I was going to wait until after the movie, so I could enjoy it with my Hunger Game virginity still intact. Mr. T read them...many many months ago, and I just never got around to it. Then I heard they were making a movie about them, so I was like...maybe I'll wait on purpose now. Then we found out Mr. T's cousin's wife was going to be in the actual movie! As as extra, but still. The closest to fame anyone in either family has ever had. Except for my dad's grandfather who built this bridge you have to cross to get into my hometown from the interstate. That's kind of a big deal. To my dad. Who mentions it every time we go over the bridge.

A couple of...couples...from our small group at church decided to go to the midnight showing (tomorrow night, people - it's probably too late to get your tickets!) and since Mr. T really likes them and we have a family member actually in the movie!!! we figured we should go, too. The ladies decided to get together and make matching t-shirts for the big event and due to my dread disease I opted out of getting together tonight, but asked if they'd make a shirt for me. See how I did that? I fail so hard at crafting - mine would have looked awful! BUT(!!) since I didn't want to risk getting kids or parents of kids sick (yes, I went to school today - no one cares about college kids) I didn't meet up with them. So now I'm going to get a nice shirt out of it!! Woo hand, foot, mouth disease!!

Anyway - the point of the story is: one of the ladies texted me, asking if I was team...something, something, or something. I don't remember - I never read the books so it meant nothing to me. When I told her she was all "WHAT?!?!" and then the other chick texted me and was all "WHAT?!!?!" so...I was ashamed. I decided to read the book tonight in order to not feel the wrath of the Small Group Girls as they shall never be called again. I get home and tell Mr. T about it, go to grab the book off our shelf, and discover that after months of it being in our home he had just lent it out to one of his friends this past week. So it's not here. So now I can't read it. AT LEAST THE MOVIE WON'T BE RUINED.

Oh, and here's a picture of my cousin!! She's the freakishly tall one. Seriously - she's a giant. She's trying to get in as a model (of course she's also gorgeous - so much hate directed toward her sometimes), which is how she got the gig as an extra for the movie. And of course she's the one with her back to the camera!!
And here is a picture of the bridge (culvert?) my great-grandfather supposedly helped build. Dad sent out an email a few weeks ago saying he "thought" his grandfather built it - in the email. Every time we drive past it his grandfather definitely built it. Whatever. FAMOUS.