March 10, 2012

Things that make me...

...want to punch puppies.

  1. Only talking to me to tell me to vote Ron Paul.
  2. Tearing into the groceries I just bought as soon as I leave you alone in the house, Chairman.
  3. People who actually punch puppies.
  4. Blaring pretty much any type of music through your car speakers so loudly I can't hear my own music.
  5. Sucking at your job, especially when it's something like bagging groceries.
  6. Having a specific thing that made me want to punch a puppy that initiated this entire post, but being unable to remember that specific thing once I get here and start typing.
  7. Having homework due and an exam in the same class the first day back from Spring Break.
  8. Justin Beiber
  9. Dubstep
  10. Feeling the need to tell me your opinion of my hair (unless it's a compliment, of course... :P).
  11. Overuse of the phrases "your mom" and "pew." 
  12. People who give Christianity a bad name.
  13. People who judge Christians based off of the bad few, and accuse us of being judgmental. Pot? Kettle?
  14. Pulling out in front of me and then not going the speed limit.
  15. Being in front of me and not going the speed limit.
  16. Being in front of me and only going the speed limit, causing me to be upset but not really because you're obeying the law. GO FASTER, GOOD CITIZEN.
  17. Insulting the music I like. Spice Girls are playing right now. Before that it was Ke$ha, some Brittany, JT, and whatever else makes me happy - the name of the playlist is "happy" for a reason. So back off.
  18. How much I like crappy music.
  19. Asking someone for help on a list of things that piss you off and being told they don't get pissed off very often. Thanks for making me feel like a horrible person, jerk.
  20. The ads on Spotify.
  21. Being such a homebody I don't go out to see my friend at her birthday party.
  22. Trying to find a job and every posting is "5+ years' experience"
  23. Trying to find a job.
  24. School.
  25. The thought of graduating for the final (hopefully) time.
  26. The sound of bagpipes.
  27. People who post lists that go on way longer than they should.
  28. Being old and driving. You're so slow and bad at it. But I feel so guilty for getting pissed at you, because you're so old and fragile and need to get your eight million medications from the pharmacy and sometimes family just can't do it all, so you have to go out even though you hate it and hasn't Murfreesboro grown since you first moved here back in the 1600s?
  29. The thought of losing an hour of sleep tonight.
  30. The sudden realization that tomorrow is the last day of the last Spring Break I will ever have. And I never went to Florida and got drunk on the beach.
  31. Marijuana being illegal.
  32. Abortions.
  33. The fact that healthy food is so much more complicated than just microwaving pizza rolls.
  34. This list, for some reason.
  35. All the tl;dr's I'm going to get over it.
  36. Oh, and: