March 9, 2012


I've been trying to think of something to write about, and nothing ever came to me. So finally something happened and I was all - FINE, I'll write about that - and came here and opened a new post and...totally forgot what it was. Give me a second, it will come back to me.

In other news, I don't understand this Tweetster. Yes, I spelled it wrong in a pitiful attempt to be funny. Leave me alone. But for real, I don't get Twitter. What am I supposed to do with it? I have an account, but the only thing I post are FourSquare check-ins. Which I probably shouldn't use because, you know, the stalkers. EVERYWHERE STALKING. But Twitter. You don't realize it, but between "STALKING." and "But Twitter." there was a significant pause in which I signed on to my Twitter (in order to provide you with that link that might not work), noticed that the people I "follow" had posted stuff, and ended up reading Wil Wheaton's blog post. And that made it worth it. Huh. Good for you, Tweetster. Again, unbeknownst to you, I wandered off and added Wil Wheaton's blog to my Google Reader. One more thing to help me procrastinate. Thank you, Twit. Wow, from the start of that paragraph to the end, my opinion of Twitter totally changed. I need to set it up on my phone so I get tits (heh, I'm totally leaving that typo - because I CAN) all conveniently-like. Congratulations, you just witnessed my life change forever. But now, please, explain Twitter to me. I'm still confused.

OH! I was going to say that my scroll wheel on my mouse sucks. Sometimes when I click it to open a link in a new tab it doesn't work. And sometimes - like when I wanted to see Jeph Jacques' hand tattoo that he had posted on his Twit (I don't like it, actually, but don't tell him because I <3 his blog and never want to upset him) which then led me down my Twit wormhole of confusion followed by a great revelation followed by the original confusion - it will open the link twice. And I don't like that.

To apologize for my totally nonsensical and ginormous (that's what she said?) second paragraph, I will leave you with this:

Also, since it's stuck on my head, I'm going to include some Adele. I absolutely love her. I think she's gorgeous and has an amazing voice and...I totally have a girl crush on her. I drank the Adele juice and I'll never go back. But Russell Brand will always be my favorite Brit. zomg. That's what you can get me for absolutely any reason ever - including the only present you will ever need to get me to earn my undying love - good (I mean freaking amazing) seats to see Adele or Russell Brand live. Mmm... Maybe meet them, too? Holy crap, this post is now way longer than I intended.