March 29, 2012


I really didn't want to complain in my next post, but holy poo balls I gotta get it out. Not the poo know what? Start over.

I really didn't want to complain in my next post, but I am. So deal with it. I'm going to get it all out in one post, so it will be long, but I'll break it into three parts, so you can pick which one(s) you want to read. Also, I'm not making paragraphs. Because.

Part 1: MC
Almost everyone has already heard this story, but one more time for funsies:

MC just got news back on his thesis from Graduate Studies. Good news! No errors! This isn't a common event, so it's worth celebrating. BUT. His status? "I try to only use Facebook for important stuff, e.g. letting everyone know I just got my thesis back from College of Graduate Studies with no errors." Oh, pompous a**hole, how you doth chatter... Now, I had just been in his office, which he had left unattended - with his computer unlocked. I noticed he had a tab open on his browser involving the usage of "e.g" vs "i.e." so I was like...hehe... And commented on his post with "So is this why you had 'e.g. vs i.e.' up on your computer earlier?" or something similar (it's been deleted, so I can't verify). He responded along the lines of how he wants to make sure he does stuff right, and if anyone is interested in seeing the opposite of that (failure), a good example would be the paper I just turned in for Research Methods. andimeanholyballshowmanytimesdoineedtolistentohiminsultmyabilities?! So I got pissed, and mean, and responded with "A better example would be your personal life." OOOHHHHHH snaaaaap. It was a low blow, but suck it. He tried to come back with something about how he has money and isn't sick, etc. and so on. Something about how he had retaliated, but wouldn't say what - everyone would know when I started complaining about it. So far nothing has happened, so...whatever. Unless it is him not talking to me anymore, then...yay? And then he deleted all the comments. So la-dee-dah.

Update: The dickery hit an all-time high yesterday. He removed permissions on all my files on Ranger for everyone, and changed my .bashrc file so if I tried to chmod, vi, or vim I would logout. The level of pissed I am right now is...boiling. I *think* everything is fixed now, but I'm so done with him as a human. Find people who are willing to put up with your BS, sir. I am done.

Part 2: KC
I'm not sure if I've ever talked about KC here before. He's a student I assist. He has a disability, so I was assigned to helping him with his first few classes - get acclimated into the program. CS 1 went well - he is fairly intelligent and was actually ahead of a good portion of the class. I was only responsible for his closed labs, so I didn't pay much attention to what was going on with his open labs. I knew he spent hours in the lab working with lab assistants, and that they were going above and beyond their duty in helping him, but they were willing so whatever. CS 2 was harder, and he started falling behind he couldn't get closed labs finished in time. I tried to get him to do the portions he didn't need my help with at home between labs, but he never did. So closed labs didn't get finished. I heard from the lab assistants that he was showing up either the day open labs were due, or the day before, trying to get help. At this point they were getting fed up with it, but for the most part I believe they were still helping him. That class ended...poorly. Now this semester he's in the only other class someone with only one CS credit can take. And it's going worse than last semester. I found out he's been harassing one of the lab assistants into helping him (most of the ones from before have either graduated or refuse to help him anymore). Since she isn't a trained tutor (it's not their job - they just make sure the place doesn't burn down), there was only so much she could do to explain, and he's so frustrating to deal with she ended up practically doing his first three labs. By lab four she was refusing to help him and apparently he got belligerent in the lab. In the end, he didn't get his lab completed. So lab five rolls around and he threatens me with comments like "I talked to < adviser > and she was worried you weren't helping me enough." so I'm like...fine, I'll help you with your open lab, even though I'm pretty sure it's not part of my job description. I do classroom and closed labs. But anyway, I look through all his notes and PPTs, directing him toward the ones that will be helpful. He doesn't look at them. I sat with him for an hour yesterday and we got three lines written, and I had to tell him exactly what to type in the end. So...that's another person I'm done with dealing with. He emailed the professor and got an extension for an undetermined time period...asked me to help him this weekend. And I said "no." I told him to email me code and questions if he had any, but other than that, review your notes and PPTs. I am done.

Part 3: The Animals
Oh lawd, the animals. They're the highlight of this post for me, because as much as I hate them I really do still love them. Also, they don't know how bad they suck. The other two cases suck on their own accord. Hehe. Re-read that. It's almost dirty... Anyway - Chairman gets into EVERYTHING food-related that he can. And now I don't just have Mr. T leaving stuff out, we have Roommate. I love them both, but they gotta pick up their sh*t. Because Chairman doesn't know why I'm beating him. So I yell at him, and spank his booty over by the food like "SEE THIS - YOU DON'T EAT THIS, DUMMY!" But all that does is freak him out so he hides from me for awhile. But then it's time to feed him and I can't get him to come to his food, so Khat and Splinter keep trying to eat it. It turns into this huge mess and I hate it. And it happens like every day. One night I was sitting here on the computer and the stupid cat ran by me with a piece of bacon in his mouth. In the process of chasing him, I found a chicken bone under our bed. Moral of the story - men gotta clean their food UP. Darnit. *glare And I know I'm not done with this one. It will be my life for forever.