August 5, 2012


My name is Sarah Wilson and I:

  • Support the legalization of marijuana - not just as a "medicinal herb" but for funsies, too.
  • Support the right for all consenting adults to marry the consenting adult of their choosing.
  • Do NOT support the "right" for women to abort unplanned pregnancies.
    • Some exceptions: health reasons - baby and/or mother is going to die otherwise.
    • Some gray areas: rape, incest, etc.
  • Am a Christian and believe the only way you will enter Heaven is to also be a Christian, and if you aren't a Christian you will spend an eternity in Hell - what exactly "Hell" is, I don't know. Don't care to ever find out, thankyouverymuch.
Any other controversial topics you want me to weigh in on? Other than mother effing Chick-fil-a. I swear to Moses I'll punch you in the tenders (heh - "tenders") if you bring that nonsense up.