August 21, 2012

"Diet" Day 2

If my blog posts has sub-headings, this one would read "The Saga of the Blender". Come, child - listen to my tale...

But first! Recap of last night post post. hehe... Anyway - wait...where did I leave off? Not sure. I was eating dinner, I guess. So I walked the dog. No. Dog walking came before dinner. So, the dog was walked and dinner was being eaten. Mr. T came home, and he, the Roommate, and I went on a loverly bike ride. I got scared by some black guys because I'm apparently racist, and we got chased by dogs because Roommate smells like steak...or something. I did all my crunches again! Haven't come up with any other exercises. I guess I could Google it, but I was counting on my crack-team of readers! *cricket, cricket*

Okay, so now for this morning. AKA, "The Saga of the Blender":

First of all, the only morning I've ever had to prepare a breakfast I slept through my alarm until 6:45 (supposed to leave at 7:00). So I knew I was gonna be late for work. Feed the animals, pee....mmmm...thankfully I had showered last night, so no need to freak out about that. I go to make my smoothie (10 frozen strawberries, 2 bananas, and then fill the blender half full with orange juice - makes two servings (Mr. T forgot his....)). Now, the sink is full of dishes. And they were disgusting. I'm thinking of typing up some sink rules:

  1. NO CANS. Cans are not dishes - they are recycling and need to be taken outside.
  2. NO FOOD. If there is food on your plate, dump it off somewhere, for the love of MOSES.
  3. RINSE OUT YOUR CUP. Especially if it's MILK!!!!!!!
  4. JUST WASH THE D*MN THING. It's probably only a plate. The soap's already in the scrubber. Just do it.
So I had to move everything out of the sink. It was disgusting. And I did not have time to wash the dishes. But the blender finally gets washed out and I add all the ingredients. And then I start blending (yes, I did remember to put the lid back on!!). I did forget the crucial "pulse" step, though. So I may have almost broken the blender. But I finally remembered that and got everything mostly chopped up (took forever!!). I was afraid I would wake someone up. I forgot who I live with...

I pour out my serving, and poor Mr. T one (did I mention he forgot his??). I rinse out the blender again and as I'm putting it back on the stand I notice some frozen strawberry had gotten stuck to the blades. Our blender is one of those that is also a food processor, so it has a million parts. So there's the base, the blade, the glass, and the little plastic thing that holds them all together. I knew all this, theoretically. But I've never used this blender in the two years we've owned it. So I forgot important things.

You have to twist it to get it off the base, but if you twist it too much you'll take the plastic holdy-together thing off. Well I twisted a little too much, so it came loose. But everything was still attached, mostly. I put some water in it to let it soak while I'm at work, and decide to screw it back into the base, because that's as good of a place as any. I guess I was twisting the wrong way? Not sure, but at any rate...definitely unscrewed the glass from the holdy-together-y thingy. Water. Everywhere. Oh, it was everywhere. Plus, the blender was still plugged in, so I'm thinking, you know, electrocution. So I unplug it quickly and try to dump the rest of the water in the sink. Well, since the crucial piece of the holding together-ness of the operation was no longer doing its job, when I went to pour the water out, the blades came out, too - into my hand. Thankfully there wasn't enough force to slice me, and I didn't freak out as much as I wanted to, or...blech.

So, anyway. That's my story. Huge mess, almost died. Just another Tuesday morning. And I got to work 20 minutes late.

As far as the dieting goes... I had the smoothie for breakfast; yogurt, a peach, and a plum for lunch; and chicken with peppers and onions for dinner - no seasoning, only enough oil to cook. Much tastier than my dinner yesterday, lol. But I bought way too much food. I'll be on this diet for three weeks - if the produce keeps that long. I think I bought everything like that was all I was going to eat all week, not like I would just make a meal or two out of it.

Anyway, I've walked the dog now, and eaten dinner (picture at the end, which is fast approaching). Mr. T is walking in the door as I type, so we're probably about to go on our bike ride. Yup, he just asked me if I was ready to go. :) Banana is coming by tonight (super late, by the by - all these people with terrible job hours are KILLING ME) to measure me in Spanx and see if we could even alter the dress enough to fit. Maybe with Spanx it's possible to lose the weight in time?! I keep fluctuating between "I got this - it's easy...just an inch or so. No problemo." and "THERE IS NO EFFING WAY THIS WILL EVER BE A SUCCESS - GIVE ME CAKE NOW."