August 16, 2012

Riddle Me This

Okay... So it comes up in my life from time to time randomly and for no reason that I reflect back on my past self. And that past self is usually me in high school. Poor Past Sarah...she was awk-ward. AWKWARD! I didn’t really grow out of it until....probably when I started dating Mr. T. Maybe a little bit sooner. I think the CS guys helped me come out of my shell. I’m not always sure that’s a good thing (Extroverted Sarah (aka Drunk Sarah) is a strange, strange creature. Huh - maybe it was alcohol that made me cool! Tell your kids! Alcohol makes you cool! You heard it here first.), but still. Where was I going with this?

Oh! Right. So. I didn’t really change a lot from high school up through...maybe my sophomore year in college. Maybe it was quitting marching band? STOP SPECULATING AND GET ON WITH IT! What is important here is that I was never, ever, ever asked out until I got in college. Never. As far as I know, no guys were even interested in me. I mean, was it because they were around for my middle school/early high school years of wearing over-sized environmental “Save the Rainforest” shirts? Because those were awesome.

My point is, as soon as I got to my university guys started taking an interest in me. I was asked out almost immediately and know several guys that I never dated who like(d) me. I haven’t *not* been in a relationship since I touched down on campus nearly seven years ago. Several of them were hot guys, too. “ARE” I mean. Mr. T is smokin’! ;) And I wasn’t a different person! I was still awkward and quiet and weird.... I’m still awkward and weird, too.

So what I want to know is...and I know I won’t get an answer that counts for anything, because no one from my hometown other than Miss C reads this, and I’ve already asked her and got an “I dunno” from her...why did no one ask me out in high school? In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, because I ended up with the most amazing man of all time and wouldn’t trade any number of high school boyfriends for him. AND, looking back, the guys I liked in high school were idiots. was high school. We’re all idiots in high school.

But that totally screwed with my self-esteem. I doubt I would have dated emo otherwise. He was the first guy that ever had the balls to ask me out! AND HE WORE GIRL PANTS. I definitely wouldn’t have dated (or at least wouldn’t have stayed with so long) douchebag had I been more experienced with guys. And I would have realized how rare super hot guy was and jumped all over that... Actually, I should have realized that anyway. PAST SARAH WAS A FOOL. ;)

Still, moot point. I got Mr. T so I’m a winner. And all you guys from my hometown are losers! Especially if you’re still in my hometown and haven’t accomplished anything in your life. SUCK IT. :P