August 13, 2012


Good grief - I wrote this weeks ago. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Busy, busy. I have about 5 or 6 I'll be stagger-posting over the next couple weeks. AND I have to catch up on my Friday Tunes. I missed last week. MY BAD. I miss writing....

These are my thoughts while using the bathroom at work.
  • Since Zynga bought Draw Something the ads have gotten out of control.
  • Draw Something takes too long to load!
  • Are you seriously brushing your teeth right now?!
  • I should write a blog about this...
  • Will it violate my “No Doocing” clause?
  • Hehe... Dooce, Deuce, poo....
  • Okay, now I’m not even in the bathroom, that makes the title a liar!
  • Listen lady, I’m pooping, you’re pooping - we’re all pooping. Don’t be scared.
  • Oh gross - she’s pooping!
  • You don’t have to try to hide the fact that you’re pooping. I’m about to do the same thing. Don’t try to hold it until I leave - we’re in this together now.
  • I’m not trying to hide my poo! It just happens to be quiet right now!
  • I’m not actually pooping, I’m playing Draw Something!! Don’t think I’m pooping!
  • Okay, I’m totally pooping. But I’m also playing Draw Something. Multi-tasking!
  • I can’t believe I forgot my phone...

So I typed in "thinking" for a GIS....and this was on the first screen of results. Come on, Google!