August 20, 2012

Wedding Dress Blues

What? You say - I thought you were already married! Why the weird blog title? Well, silly reader, EVERYONE tries on their wedding dress two years after their wedding, just to make sure their self-esteem is destroyed because of it. :P Actually, I'm scheduled to do a Trash the Dress session next Sunday. My mom brought my dress to me yesterday and I tried it on today. These glorious child-bearing hips of mine have grown a bit in the past two years, and the dress was like "NOPE!" when I tried to put it on today. Sad! awesome photographer friend (who took the scandalous pictures from before) is going to help me plan out a crash diet to drop some weight/inches this week. Think lots of fruit smoothies and raw vegetables. Maybe some white rice....lots of water. No salt, no bread, no meats... I can do this! I guess it's karma for not having to stress about fitting into my dress on the day of the wedding.

You, dear blog, are going to hold me accountable. I am going to log on every day and post what I've eaten, how much I've exercised, and....I don't know - anything else I can think of. WE CAN DO THIS! I'm going to go do my crunches routine right now. Oh, if you're curious, it's 15 basic crunches, 15 side crunches x2 (left and right), 30 bicycle crunches (the ones where you flail around like a crazy person - oh, is that just me?), and then a repeat.

I'm gonna look like this in one week's time!!!

But with this hair. :D