September 18, 2012

Overly Automated POS...

Here is the blog post where I complain about my work bathroom. Ready for this?

So every time I go in the bathroom there is this *click* sound. I used to always think there was someone in the bathroom...but no one ever was. I don’t know how long I was here - probably at least a month or two - before I realized the lights further in the room were automatic. The ones right by the door are always on, but the back half aren’t.

Then there’s the toilet. Which works fine. NOT automatic, I should note. I’m actually surprised they aren’t. But they do spray water out when flushing. Waaaay too high-powered. It’s so gross! No one wants pee water (or worse) sprayed all over their legs! So I always flush then take a step forward to get closer to the door - further from the spray. But this means that more often than I’d care to admit I’ll hit my head as I bend down to pull my pants back up.

And now for the fun part. Automatic soap dispensers and sinks. It’s foamy soap, so it gets all dry and crusty if it sits too long. So the first ejaculation is all weird and sad - you gotta get two. Let me say right now, on record, that automatic soap dispensers are dumb. Why are they necessary? I get toilets - make sure people flush, sinks - make sure the water gets turned off, and paper towel dispensers - don’t want to touch anything “dirty” after just washing your hands. But soap?! Soooo unnecessary!!

Oy, the sinks! I have no clue where the motion sensor is on those stupid things. I flail my hands all over the place trying to get them to work. One day I sat there for a good 30 seconds before giving up and going to another sink. What always works, though, is pressing your hands right against the spout. But that means that when the water starts coming out (immediately), you’ve created that high-pressured spray that everyone loves coming out of a water hose in summer. Except it’s from a sink at work. And it will spray your torso. This isn’t just coming from me - I’ve seen it happen to several other ladies.

And finally - the cleaning. Dude, these bathroom are spotless. Which is great. But they’re spotless because a cleaning lady is in them THREE TIMES A DAY. Once in the morning, around 9:30 or so; once right after lunch time; and once around 3:00 in the afternoon. Is this really necessary?? There are probably less than 60 people total in this office! And they’re definitely not all women. The bathrooms on campus didn’t get cleaned this much, and they were servicing hundreds of students daily.

Well at least it's not this kind of sink... (source)