September 8, 2012


What on earth was I going to post about? I had an idea earlier, but now I have forgotten it. How very tragic. Le sigh...

I’m still going to post, you know. I just don’t know what I’m going to write about yet. It will come to me. Maybe. Actually, probably not. I usually never get those ideas back once they go.

I did have weird dreams Thursday night, though. I think it was Thursday night. Eh, I don’t remember when it was. But I had weird dreams.

One of them was that the brother-in-law from Weeds was MY brother-in-law. And, as in Weeds, he was in love with me. Not that he’s in love with ME in Weeds, just that he’s in love with his sister-in-law. Who was me in the dream. But not the show. Party. Ah, anyway... It wasn’t quite as light-hearted as Weeds, in that he was trying to kill Mr. T... His brother is dead in the show,, I didn’t actually consider that he would be Mr. T’s brother and also trying to kill him until just now. So, yeah. He was also willing to kill me if I didn’t love him back. I remember at one point he was trying to cut me, but with a knife so dull it wasn’t even hurting, much less breaking the skin. I think I might have even tried to help him because he was so sad about it... But it wasn’t a nightmare, either. Because he was still goofy...just in a murderous way. I woke up around the time Mr. T fake hanged himself to try to trick his brother (geeze, what a weird family) into thinking he was dead.

Now what was the other one? Oh! It was after we had moved into our new house (so set in the future, apparently), and all my family and friends had gone to a Mexican restaurant to eat. And one of my old CS friends who has since moved to SC and I haven’t seen in forever (Heh, CS and la la) was there and got super trashed. He started wandering around the restaurant, messing with people’s food. Like - total strangers. And I was freaking out because I didn’t want my family (who was eating inside) to notice us and all our friends (who were eating outside) had been drinking. So I guess that one was more of a nightmare than the first one.